Better Days Are Coming I Promise

Yinka Ilori’s artwork refuses to be confined to the art world. From his skatepark in France, ‘Colorama’, to the ‘Happy Street’ in Battersea for the London Festival of Architecture, his use of colour and pattern wriggles out of the grasp of the few art world initiates and into the streets for everyone to enjoy. His work transforms facets of everyday life. It is hard to think of an artist that has been so determined and successful in creating art for the people.

Yinka Ilori Better Days Are Coming I Promise

NEW - Better Days Are Coming I Promise

Enter Gallery are delighted to stock, ‘Better Days Are Coming I Promise’ from his campaign #yinkailorifornhs, printed from his new dazzlingly colourful street mural in West London. These stunning public art installations are in support of charity C+, supporting the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS foundation, a project from Kensington and Chelsea Art Week.

Better Days Are Coming Mural

(The original #yinkailorifornhs mural the print originated from.)

The work gives a platform to showcase fresh creative voices from the area, re-imagining public spaces with a new diverse perspective. The murals were such a success that by popular demand, he has produced a print version. Enter Gallery are absolutely thrilled to get our hands on this highly sought after print from an artist who can’t stop creating magnetically vibrant work. 

As Long As We Have Each Other


Yinka Ilori has been making big bright colourful waves in the art world recently. Never one to shy away from his heritage, Yinka’s trademark use of geometric prints are inspired from Nigerian pattern. Celebrating diversity with his art has always been important, but recently his work feels more essential than ever. After the Black Lives Matter protests here in the UK, his work is more than a celebration of multiculturalism, it is part of a movement.

Yinka Ilori Happy Street

(Yinka Ilori's Happy Street)

Not content in supporting diversity and our healthcare services, Yinka’s work has most recently been used to support Selfridge’s sustainability initiative ‘Project Earth’. ‘Project Earth’ is Selfridge’s pledge to become more sustainable, an initiative to prioritise in-store repairs to combat the detrimental effects of fast fashion.


Yinka Ilori

(Yinka's Selfridges window display)

Yinka has taken over three windows on the historical Selfridges flagship shop on Oxford Street. Each window has its own dedication related to the natural world, Checking off another iconic part of the world in his path towards multicoloured world domination, these windows are a visual delight. Using natural materials such as brooms, baskets and hairbrushes, he has created scenes that are simultaneously abstract and natural.

Yinka Ilori

(Yinka's Selfridges window display)

A master of meticulous simplicity, the windows are imbued with a childlike sense of wonder at the beauty of our world. The windows confront our relationship with consumerism and waste, and ask the question of what makes something beautiful? Yinka Ilori inspires us to believe that anything can be.

Yinka Ilori

(Yinka's Selfridges window display)

In its entirety, it feels like a love letter to our planet. In the midst of this heartbreaking year, his work radiates hope and optimism. His art might not be what we deserve, but its what we need right now.

Better Days Are Coming

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