The Brighton gallery prepares to dazzle Brighton's White Night Festival

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On the night of Saturday 30th October in Jubilee Square the Brighton gallery, Ink_d gallery and Wet Paint Productions will be creating a spectacular one off art installation reflecting this years theme of ‘illumination’.

12 large illuminated blank columns will dominate the scene where REQ, Pinky, Hutch, Imbue, Mishfit and Snub will paint and spray on them throughout the night. Continuing the theme of ‘illumination’ the centre piece will be a digital graffiti wall, allowing artists and the public to create instant works of art. Elsewhere in the square there will be L.A.S.E.R. tagging - where members of the public will be able to ‘light tag’ plus street art related short films will be projected on to the wall of Myhotel.

Here are some Images of REQ trying out the proto-type column.

Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery

The idea of the White Night Festival is to marks the end of British Summer Time and to help provide an alternative to drinking culture and show another side to night time in Brighton.

The event is twinned with Nuit Blanche in Amiens, France, on October 16. This year the theme for both festivals is ‘Illumination’ - in the sense of learning and lighting.

The city's artists, curators, venues and programmers will play with different interpretations of the word ‘Illumination’and create a wide range of experiences and events for one night only and unique to Brighton & Hove.

White Night Festival is organised by Brighton & Hove City Council and the local Arts Commission

Cabinet councillor for culture David Smith said: “White Night is getting a growing reputation as a unique and enjoyable festival for Brighton. It is now an important aspect our award-winning management of the night time economy, which is having a civilising effect on the city centre.”