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Limited edition of 40, Union Grenade is now available to buy at Enter Gallery!

Best known as the MC from iconic band, The Prodigy, Maxim is a visual artist in his own right and has exhibited in a number of successful shows in both London and Los Angeles under the moniker, MM.  Now for the first time, Maxim’s artwork is available in Brighton including a new print release exclusive to Enter Gallery…

Union Grenade

Union Grenade

A squad of grenades set against a black union jack, each grenade has a gleaming red love heart encased inside a clear chamber. This digital collaboration with WLS brings Maxim’s idea to fruition without the restrictions of a physical sculpture.

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Renown for his fierce stage presence that is far from his laid back demeanour in person, Maxim’s artwork is laced with double meanings that reflect his split personality. Each artwork is a surreal glimpse into his imagination. He asks us to see things from a different perspective with themes of rebellion and the rise of the underdog.

10% of profits from the Union Grenade prints will be donated to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. A charity set up in Stephen’s memory to inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to succeed in the career of their choice. They also work to create a fairer society in which everyone, regardless of their background, can flourish.

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Maxim often incorporates found objects into his paintings such as razor blades, bullets and as with his ‘Halo’ painting, charcoal covered in resin.

 Halo by Maxim

Maxim’s fascination with different techniques and materials emerged after being introduced to a number of artists in New York whilst he was on tour, ‘It made me realise that anything and any kind of material can be used in art. So I took all those ideas and went back home and started painting’.

 Halo by Maxim

Preferring to paint in artificial light so as not to interfere with the moody feel of his paintings, Maxim shuts out all natural light from his studio. ‘Sometimes I feel like daylight interferes with how you feel about certain things’.

When he becomes fully immersed in the painting process and deeply involved with an artwork, he often loses track of time and will emerge from his studio to find it pitch black outside. His relationship with his art is so intense that any piece which doesn't make the grade is burnt “It gets the idea totally out of your head. It’s almost like a little ritual. If a painting doesn’t work… burn it.”

Butterflies are a recurring motif in Maxim’s work but always with an added edge. ‘Halo’ features the delicate creatures armed with samurai swords against a dark, moody background coated in resin for added depth. Initially inspired by seeing a young girl with a net trying to catch butterflies, he put himself in the perspective of the butterfly, and thought how it would escape. The butterflies are misunderstood characters, finding their courage by rebelling against society.

Rebel with the Paws

Complete with rose gold plated MM pendants, Maxim’s sculptures are available in Bronze (weighing in at an impressive 6 kilos), chrome or satin-finish in a range of colours.

Bronze Rebel with the Paws

An uprising with good vibes, this cat is on a mission to spread love. It might be holding guns, but these guns shoot rainbows and positivity. Something the world definitely needs right now. 

Rebel with the paws

 “We’re in a totally different times, the world is changing. I think people are coming out and taking the blinkers off their eyes and seeing the world for what it is. These rebels, they’re taking the blinkers off and spreading love…“

 Maxim with Rebels

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