Enter Gallery’s Christmas Picks

If you’re looking to give the gift of art this Christmas, check out our Art Gifts collection for perfect ideas.

We'll be shipping festive orders right up to 21st December, although the deadline for getting your delivery on the Enter Gallery sleigh to some far flung destinations may have already passed. Check your delivery deadlines dependent on your location in the world here

If you have your heart set on a particular piece, do call us on: +44(0)1273 724829 to see if we can rush it to you.

If you’ve missed the dates and you're visiting Brighton, you can still pop into Enter Gallery where we have a great selection of framed artworks you can buy straight off the wall.

To provide a little inspiration, here are the pieces that our gallerinas would choose for arty gifts this festive season….


Tim chooses… Party Heads by Fanakapan

Party Heads limited edition art print by Fanakapan | Enter Gallery


“Party Heads is such a great piece – not only is it colourful and fun party vibes, but Fanakapan is such an up-and-coming star of the street art world. He’s destined for big things, so it’s perfect for the street art lover in your life. It’s also exclusive to Enter Gallery so you can only get it here.”


Discover more about Party Heads.


Della chooses… Deliverance by Cassandra Yap


“Deliverance is a great choice that will bring life and love to your walls. It’s a beautiful piece, rich in detail – if you look closely, the wings of the butterfly are made up of pin-up girls, so it’s a little bit cheeky too. The artwork is also available in various colourways, so you can choose your loved ones favourite colour! Come in to the gallery and check it out for yourself!”


Learn more about Deliverance.


Emily chooses… Blue Flowers by Kai and Sunny

“Blue Flowers is just such a masterclass in printmaking. Kai and Sunny’s works are so intricate and beautiful, and their choice of colours makes the piece feel very summery. All of their artworks are hand-drawn which is incredible, and with this piece, I like how the flowers are weaving through the lines. It’s a great choice. A real crowd pleaser. It’s also the last one we have left!”  


Learn more about Kai and Sunny.


Laura chooses… Metamorphosis by Mr Cenz

“I love this piece. The colours are light and it has a beautiful energy to it. Mr Cenz is a really prominent, super-talented street artist whose work you can see on a larger scale in his murals but this is a chance to bring his art into your home. It’s a small edition, at a great price point that would make a great gift for someone who loves street art.”


Read more about Metamorphosis.


Katherine chooses… Juno by Maria Rivans

Juno limited edition art print by Maria Rivans | Enter Gallery

“Juno is fantastic – there’s so much to spot in there. It’s a great choice if the person you’re buying for loves art and nature, with Elizabeth Taylor and all the plants. I love colourful art, and this piece is so vibrant and joyful. It all just works beautifully – she creates such a nice balance in all of her pieces, but this one is my favourite because of the feathers at the bottom – which is a nod to Taylor’s role in Cleopatra.”


You can learn to craft collages like this at An Evening of Collage with Maria Rivans on Thursday 8th December. Learn more about the event and snap up a ticket here.

Read more about the inspiration behind Juno, here.


Will chooses… God Save the Queen by Jamie Reid

“I’d choose any of the God Save the Queen’s! They’re 25 years old, so hard to find in good condition and many of the ones we’ve got framed up are the last ones available in those colourways. If I was going to buy anything off the wall, it would be one of them. It’s an absolute classic, and perfect for music lovers.”


Explore our collection of God Save the Queen art prints by Jamie Reid.

Harley chooses… Rainforest Rewild Pineapple by CJP Art

Rainforest Rewild Pineapple art print by CJP Art | Enter Gallery

“These open editions are really funky pieces that would bring a pop of colour to your home or business. There’s a choice of colours and if you look closely there are little animals just living their lives within the pineapple. Also, 10% of the profits from each of these pieces is donated to The World Land Trust who work to save rainforests and threatened habitats – so it’s a double gift for the nature lover in your life!”


For advice on the right art gift for your loved one, give us a call at the gallery on 01273 724829 and our Art Advisors will be happy to help you find something that’s a perfect fit.