Exclusive new pieces from Copyright

This week we’re delighted to announce the arrival of four new pieces from Bristol street artist, Copyright – an artist known for heartening pieces that remind us to love one another, and to remain optimistic when times get tough.  

Available as a pair, or as individual pieces, Guided by Love and Guided by Hope are available exclusively at Enter Gallery now.


In today’s blog, we’re revealing a little more about these exclusive artworks, and discussing the symbolism included in Copyright’s oeuvre.

Guided by Hope Gold by Copyright | Enter Gallery

High Hopes

Guided by Hope and Guided by Love are an uplifting and thoughtful reminder to live life with love and hope in your heart.

This stirring message is characteristic of Copyright, and continues themes explored in his past pieces with Enter Gallery, including Breakdown and Rebuild, which were a reminder of the beauty and strength to be found in starting from scratch.

Guided by Love Silver by Copyright | Enter Gallery


A Beautiful Life

Hailing from the Bristol’s exciting street art scene, Copyright has been painting city streets, and exhibiting his art around the world for many years now.


Guided by Love Gold by Copyright | Enter Gallery

The artist’s unique style features black and white stencils as the base image, surrounded by colour, depth and texture created with spray paint, acrylic and a paint brush.

This artistic vision was born while Copyright was still at college, and he first started creating black and white stencils from his own photographs. Before long, he was using the streets of Bristol as his canvas, creating pieces designed to uplift observers, while calling them to question the unattainable beauty standards perpetuated by popular culture.


Guided by Hope Silver by Copyright | Enter Gallery



Motif Magic

Inspired by everyone from Pre-Raphaelite artists to Andy Warhol, Copyright’s work features a number of repeat motifs, most of which relate to his exploration of hypocritical beauty standards.

Alongside his stencils of traditionally attractive women, flowers, butterflies and jewels regularly crop up in his work as symbols of perfection, and of society’s obsession with unattainable levels of beauty.

In a nod to Pop Art influences from the likes of Lichtenstein, another repeat motif in Copyright’s oeuvre is the speech bubble – a tool which allows him to hint at the emotion behind the piece.

In Guided by Love, we see Copyright muse on the inevitable pain that comes hand-in-hand with love. And in Guided by Hope, the artist provides a reminder that we all need to hear sometimes, the soothing sentiment that no matter what happens, things have a way of working themselves out in the end.   

Copyright artist 


Guided by Hope and Guided by Love are available exclusively at Enter Gallery now.