Exclusive Print and Book Bundle from Maria Rivans

Brighton artist, Maria Rivans has finally released the much-anticipated follow up to her 2020 book, Extraordinary Things To Cut Out and Collage.

In Four Seasons, we see Rivans expand on the fundamentals of collage she laid out in her debut, this time guiding aspiring collagists to create four still life artworks inspired by each of the seasons.

To coincide with her book’s release, Rivans has also created a mini Artist Proof edition of the artwork that adorns the cover, and we’re offering a very special bundle for Enter Gallery customers that want to get their hands on both.

In today’s blog, we dive into Rivans’ collage career, and explain everything you need to know about this exciting offer, available exclusively at Enter Gallery now.

An Eye for Detail

Over the course of her acclaimed career, we’ve seen Rivans showcase her sublime talent for balance and composition to create everything from dystopian cityscapes and surreal psychedelic scenes to homages to Hollywood glamour and intricate still life masterpieces.

Rivans gravitates towards imagery of architecture, the natural world, and popular culture to create abundant wonderlands, infused with symbolism surrounding everything from vulnerability and human resilience to the power of love.  


Vintage Imagery

One element of Rivans’ oeuvre that stands out is her incredible eye for vintage imagery. Her choices infuse her works with a stylish, retro feel that appeals to a contemporary audience, and makes her work highly-collectible.

This eye for imagery is something Rivans’ expands on in her new book, Four Seasons, which contains a wealth of images sourced by Rivans for you to cut out and use for your collages. Very kindly, Rivans also provides insight in the book on where you can source similar imagery moving forwards.  

On Thursday 11th April, Rivans is hosting a collage masterclass at Enter Gallery from 7-9pm. Book your ticket here


The Four Seasons Bundle

To celebrate the launch of the Four Seasons book and print, we’re offering Enter Gallery customers the chance to snap up both for the very special price of £120.

The Four Seasons mini print included in this exclusive bundle is from a small Artist Proof edition of just 10.

Buy your bundle here