Great White: A new exclusive from Dave White

There’s something deadly circling the waters of Enter Gallery this week – a brand new artwork from British artist and master of animal portraiture, Dave White.

Great White

Great White is a beautiful new piece depicting the ocean’s most respected apex predator, suspended in perpetual motion.  

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The Deadliest Catch

Ever since his Albion Series back in 2014, White has been applying his signature style of painting to subjects from the animal kingdom.

Characterised by splashes and drips of paint, White’s portraiture breathes life into his subjects, and infuses them with unique sense of personality. Much of his animal portraiture has also been created to raise awareness of incredible species at risk of extinction, both in far flung lands, and closer to home in the UK.

These latest Great White prints are a much-anticipated extension of the artist’s enormously-popular 2017 Apex series, which captured the majesty of the shark.

Dave White Great White

Available as standard, in XXL, or with a diamond dust or Platinum Leaf finish, Great White is striking piece and a formidable addition to any art collection.

Great White is available exclusively at Enter Gallery from 4th March 2022 - Shop now