Han and Yan at Enter Gallery’s 2022 London Pop-Up

This Sunday, Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up came alive with colour, courtesy of Brighton artist, Hannah Shillito and her colourful partner in crime, Flower Designer, Yan Skates.

Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates | Enter Gallery


The pair took over our Pop-Up at the Truman Brewery to launch their new collection of cheeky limited edition art prints, Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates.

The collection is available now, exclusively at Enter Gallery. 

In today’s blog, we’re revealing how this vibrant duo first met, and providing some snaps of the pair in action.

Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates limited edition art prints | Enter Gallery


Vibrant vibes

Hannah and Yan’s appearance at the London Pop-Up was a homecoming of sorts, seeing as their eyes first met admiring each other’s rainbow fashion choices at the Colour Walk in Spitalfields Market.

The Colour Walk happens on the third Thursday of every month. It is a gathering of creative souls who love nothing more than getting dressed up to the nines in colourful attire to strut their stuff around the market.

Limited edition art prints by Hannah Shillito | Enter Gallery


The event was set up around artist, Sue Kreitzman, who used to visit the market on Thursdays in all her technicolour finery, and soon, others wanted to join in too!

Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates limited edition art | Enter Gallery


Pops of Colour

At the Pop-Up, Shillito and Skates were launching their exclusive collection – a series of 12 limited edition prints combining Skates’ fabulous floristry, with hand-applied lettering from Shillito, spelling out some rather naughty sentiments.


Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates limited edition art | Enter Gallery


Explore the collection here.