Introducing New Artist: Mariano Peccinetti

Today we’re introducing you to one of the most exciting contemporary artists out there - Mariano Peccinetti - an Argentinian musician and visual artist based in the beautiful city of Mendoza.

Lately, Peccinetti has been making waves (and making us feel wavy) with his unique brand of contemporary Surrealism. Inspired by nature, music, and dreams, Peccinetti’s mind-bending works mix exploration of the subconscious with a stylish vintage aesthetic.

In today’s blog, we’re chatting to Peccinetti to learn more about his inspirations, his artistic career, and the topics he loves exploring via his psychedelic collage art.


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Trip of a Lifetime

Since the age of 11, Mariano Peccinetti has been living a life defined by creative exploration. His first love came in the form of music, before he took up plastic arts, making sculptures out of discarded plastics.

As well as being a professional musician and studying Fine Art, over the years Peccinetti has mastered everything from engraving to Interior Design. But there was one ‘hobby’ that he just kept coming back to – image curation. Peccinetti reveals:


“For years, I was curating images as a hobby. I had a Tumblr profile where I shared my curatorial work, and folders full of pictures that I liked. Eventually, this led me to start cropping and mixing vintage images. I shared my collage work for the first time in November 2012. By January 2013, I had 30 artworks, and by the end of 2014, I had made over 150 collage artworks. Inspiration had hit me, and I couldn’t stop!”


Melt Your Mind

This brings us to Peccinetti’s modern art prints, which he describes as, “designed to open a portal directly to your subconscious.”

In each intoxicating print, Peccinetti combines mind-bending colours and visual effects with stylish vintage imagery sourced from old books and magazines from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

While classic landscape photography, as seen in pieces like Mushroom Day and Melt Colours, is a particular favourite with Peccinetti, he also enjoys creating his own backgrounds and shades of colour.  


Each colourful artwork takes us by the hand and welcomes us to a new warm and fuzzy dimension, where our minds are opened, and everything is connected. Speaking of what he hopes his art makes people feel, Peccinetti tells us:


“My hope is that when people look at my work they feel a sense of calm, or joy, and that they also feel an inspirational impulse in their own creativity.”


Meet you on the Astral Plane

Of course, it’s impossible to look at this bright wall art and not feel a little under the influence. Considering their distinctly mind-expanding aesthetic, we were interested to know whether psychedelic exploration is something Peccinetti has experimented with in pursuit of his creativity. He reveals:  


“I view psychedelia as a concept of internal exploration, and have experimented with microdosing with very good results. I’ve noticed benefits in terms of creativity, focus and how to solve problems when they arise. Psychedelics have helped me a lot, particularly when accompanied by music therapy sessions.”



This concept of internal exploration is seen across Peccinetti’s oeuvre in the themes that he explores. He reveals:


“My work explores the subconscious, the unconscious, the spiritual, the inner enquiry and the great inner cosmos of our being. I try to unveil and embody the various messages that an inner journey can bring us. I believe these messages can enlighten and transform us profoundly.”



Purple Haze

Given the distinctly rock and roll vibe of his artworks, it’s little surprise that Peccinetti’s art has been used widely for album artwork and promotional materials. Peccinetti has worked with the likes of The Lumineers, STRFKR, Vitalic, The Bright Light Social Hour and Dirty Art Club. We asked him why he thinks he work connects with so many musicians. He reveals:


“I think that by concentrating on a vintage, spatial and at times, futuristic aesthetic, I often engender what the musician wants to represent visually with their concept. I love creating album covers, and look forward to providing art for many more.”

A selection of Mariano Peccinetti artworks are now available at Enter Gallery here