Jack Stocker: Kicking It at Kids Club

In celebration of the release of his new limited edition print, Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ 1985, Brighton artist, Jack Stocker was at Enter Gallery this weekend, teaching the miniature sneakerheads of Brighton how to create their own sneaker art.


Jack Stocker

Jack Stocker is known for his Minimal Sneaker Study series, in which he breaks down iconic trainer models into the basic shapes that make up the designs.

Air Jordan 1 Chicago, 1985 art print by Jack Stocker | Enter Gallery

To show the kiddies how it’s done, Stocker created A3 templates of his trainer illustrations and then invited the children to create their own designs from an array of materials, including coloured card, tape and crayons.

In today’s blog, we’re looking at some of the masterpieces created by our city’s next generation of artists…




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