Kid-B Lyrics are a Throwback to Brighter Times

Kid-B is a typographic lyric artist. Her name references her DJ name ‘B-Trix Kiddo’ and she’s still at it bringing the bangers, this time with her art. The love for drum and bass and garage music is extremely clear in her work, celebrating an often overlooked part of 90s British culture. She puts a unique spin on classic graffiti type with her own retro style, framing them in neon. Nostalgic but still fresh, her work helps us to remember brighter times. Truly the kind of art we love, especially this year. 

Al You Need Is Love The Beatles
NEW All You Need is Love by The Beatles

A classic for a good reason. Kid-B honours The Beatles with 'All You Need is Love' arguably their most famous lyric in her trademark typographically neon heart, Kid-B’s piece is piercingly emotive yet full of energy and whimsy. 


Little Bit of Luck DJ Luck MC Neat

Little Bit of Luck - DJ Luck and MC Neat

A throwback to the golden age of British garage music, the noughties. A Kid-B remix on a DJ Luck and MC Neat tune. Perhaps one of those cases where we didn’t realise how poignant the lyrics are until we saw them showcased on their own. The graffiti scrawl imbues the piece with a disarming sense of sensitivity, perfectly tempered by the high-paced beat of the actual song. Perfect for those who’ve missed the club scene this year.


 I'll Bring You Flowers

I'll Bring You Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude

‘Sweet Female Attitude’ might just sum up Kid-B’s art style. It’s also an iconic garage song that never fails to get everyone moving on the dance floor. Kid-B has done it justice celebrating it here. A traditional romantic gesture given a fresh new life in art and music. 


Be Sincere MJ Cole

Be Sincere - MJ Cole

The MJ Cole’s lyrics are perfect for a Kid-B art piece, as sincerity is at the heart of her work. Unapologetically direct and loud in typography, the colours that Kid B has chosen balances the composition. Sky blue and pastel yellow add an ethereal glow to the piece that lets the message shine. Nostalgic, perhaps, but also an important maxim to live by. 



Super Sharp Shooter - Ganja Kru 

Kid B showcases her typographic versatility in this piece, named after the classic tune by Ganja Kru. Opting for clean graphic shapes in her lettering, the beast of a jungle track has been given a sophisticated remix. The tastefully loud colours reference her love of pop art, whilst staying true to her roots in street art. It’s impossible to view without hearing the lyrics. Loud in more ways than one, it’s a piece that places you firmly straight back in the rave, no sweat required.


I Wanna Be With You Everywhere Fleetwood Mac 

I wanna be with you everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

Hopelessly romantic, this is a Kid B piece that truly wears its heart on its sleeve. Especially poignant during a year where we often haven’t been able to be with our loved ones, and especially not everywhere. Her trademark neon heart adds the perfect amount of nostalgic joy whilst it whisks us away to packed dance floors. Whilst the pining is palpable, the upbeat tempo of the song shines through the piece, imbuing it with optimism and hope.


 You've Got the Love I Need Candi Staton

You got the love I need to see me through - Candi Staton

Whether its Candi Station or Florence and the Machine, the lyric Kid B has featured in her art is sure to strike a chord. Stunningly direct and bold, the startling simplicity of the piece is intensified by the drips in the graffiti type. This piece is the perfect way to celebrate and appreciate a loved one in a truly elegant way.


 Just Close Your Eyed Nookie

Just Close Your Eyes – Nookie

This choice of song lyric is a classic example of ‘if you know, then you know’. An absolute belter of a tune that defined hardcore back in the early 90s, it will be a powerful nostalgia trip for some. Kid B has opted for a surreal dreamlike colour palette to ease the effects of the no doubt intense retrospectives. Sky blue neon and pastel yellow type melt into each other in a luminous intermingling of light and type, art and music.

Am I a Dreamer Living Joy

Am I a Dreamer - Living Joy

Perfect for the ponderous procrastinator or the lover the classic 90s clubland banger, Kid B is serving us a crowd pleaser. Framed playfully with a neon cloud, the choice of lyrics in her trademark type offer an introspective breath of fresh air.

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