Lindsay’s Fab 30

2022 is the year that Enter Gallery celebrates 30 years as Brighton’s leading independent gallery. To honour this momentous occasion, each month we’re bringing you a new collection of 30 artworks specially-curated by one of our team.

Lindsay Fab 30

This month, it’s the turn of our Creative Director, Lindsay Alkin – who has played a key role in the gallery since day one. Speaking of what appeals to her about art, Lindsay reveals: 

“When it comes to art, it’s the emotional attachment that’s the most important for me. When a piece makes me feel something or brings back memories, that’s when I know it’s something special.”


In celebration of her birthday month, Lindsay has curated her Fab 30 to comprise beautiful and happy imagery that will put a smile on your face, and bring sunshine into your home. 

“I have chosen pieces that we have at the gallery, that work with my style, and that I want on my walls. This collection is what I enjoy looking at and what makes me happy.”


Lindsay Alkin Creative Director | Enter Gallery


Molotov Cocktail – Charlotte Rose

Lindsay’s first pick is Molotov Cocktail by Charlotte Rose, an artist who uses classic branding to highlight how companies have glamorised dangerous products, like cigarettes and alcohol, all in the name of profit.


Molotov Cocktail limited edition art print by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery

Lindsay reveals how the minute she met Charlotte, she knew this artist was one to watch…

“We first discovered Charlotte through another of Enter Gallery’s artists, Poppy Faun. Poppy recommended we take a look at Charlotte’s work, so Helen and I went along to her first solo show, ‘I Quit Last Week.’ The minute we walked down the stairs into the show, we were blown away. Charlotte’s Mum is an artist so she grew up around art, but she’s never had any formal training – she just started painting during lockdown, and her raw talent is plain to see. It was exciting when Charlotte wanted to work with us, and we’ve been doing so ever since.”   

Speaking of what appeals to her about Molotov Cocktail, Lindsay reveals:

“Back in April, Enter Gallery sponsored Charlotte’s second solo show, ‘Too Much of A Good Thing’ – and Molotov Cocktail was one of the original pieces that really stood out to me. It made me smile, while also making me think of Ireland (where I’m from and where I grew up) and The Troubles. Molotov cocktails were so prevalent in Ireland’s history, they were in the news every day when I was younger. The branding that Charlotte uses gives it a twist that puts a dark smile on my face. Sometimes art isn’t happy – but there’s humour in darkness as well. As soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be a print and when I suggested it to Charlotte and she was up for it, it made me very happy.”


Molotov Cocktail is exclusive to Enter Gallery. Get yours here.


Party Heads - Fanakapan

Next up, Lindsay has chosen Party Heads by street artist, Fanakapan – an artist who is internationally-renowned for his ability to recreate images of balloons that trick the human eye into thinking they’re seeing real objects. Lindsay tells us:

“Fanakapan is another artist that I was following for years before Enter Gallery started working with him. I’ve always been blown away by his work, and completely astonished at how he can make his art look the way it does. It’s mind-blowing, and I know a lot of big artists all feel the same way about how talented he is.”


 Fanakapan Party Heads


“Party Heads is such a fun piece. I love the colours and the brightness, and it makes me think of music. There’s just so much energy and flow in the piece, and I love that it’s finished with UV glazes. Fanakapan is an amazing talent, so we’re excited to be hosting his solo show in August and to be releasing this print that’s exclusive with us, as part of the show.”

Fanakapan’s solo show, ‘Pulling Faces’ is happening at Enter Gallery on Friday 5th August from 6-8pm. RSVP here to join us for what is sure to be a special night.


I Hate Art – Magda Archer

Lindsay has also chosen I Hate Art by contemporary artist and illustrator, Magda Archer – an artist who teams images sourced from vintage paraphernalia with feisty and relatable witticisms. Her instantly-recognisable work is colourful, eye-catching and downright hilarious. Lindsay explains her choice…

I hate art Magda Archer


“I love Magda Archer’s work. I love her humour. I guess it’s the same kind of thing that I like about Charlotte’s piece – that dark, black comedy, only here it’s juxtaposed with cute smiley faces and animals. I also have the jumper that Archer created in collaboration with Marc Jacobs.”


But there’s another reason why Archer is one of Lindsay’s faves…

“I’ve met Magda a few times and she’s a beautiful person. Weirdly enough, when I was pregnant the only name that came into my head for a girl was Magda – so my daughter is named after her! Whenever I see a piece by Magda it makes me smile.”


Anomie – Dan Baldwin

When it comes to vibrant, joyful pieces, Dan Baldwin is a natural choice. Enter Gallery has a long history with the artist, and was one of the first galleries to work with Baldwin to create his early limited edition prints. Lindsay explains:

 Anomie limited edition art print by Dan Baldwin | Enter Gallery

“We started working with Dan Baldwin back when he first started making prints in the early noughties and we’ve been working with him ever since. It’s been such a joy to watch his career grow. Although Anomie is from later in his career, the piece reminds me of his earlier work. Looking at it whisks me back to that time when we were working with him as an up-and-coming artist. It was an exciting collaboration for the gallery that I was, and still am, very proud of.”

Under Milk Wood – Peter Blake

Enter Gallery boasts a long and beautiful working relationship with Sir Peter Blake, and the gallery is one of the largest vendors of his art in the country.

Lindsay explains what it is about Blake’s influential collection, Under Milk Wood, that has made her choose it for her Fab 30.


Under Milk Wood by Sir Peter Blake | Enter Gallery

“Under Milk Wood is a beautiful example of how multi-talented Peter is. He’s not just ‘Mr Collage’ – his watercolours and sketches are incredible. This set in particular is so delicate and detailed, and I love how because it is inspired by Dylan Thomas’s poem there is just so much unusual imagery."


Under Milk Wood Peter Blake


"Blake has worked on this project for over 30 years, so it’s incredibly special. It’s a really interesting example of his work that I enjoy looking at, and that I always recommend to collectors of his work.”

If you’d like to see these artworks for yourself, swing by Enter Gallery on Bond Street in Brighton. Pieces from Lindsay’s Fab 30 are marked with blue stickers, and for the month of August, you’ll receive 30% off framing of any of the pieces included in the collection.


Check out Lindsay’s Fab 30.