Marcelina Amelia Hosts Kids Club

This weekend, Enter Gallery was once again alive with the laughter and learning of our monthly Kids Club – one of Brighton’s best creative activities for children.

Each month, our Kids Club is hosted by a different contemporary artist, and this month was the turn of Marcelina Amelia – a Brighton-based artist known for empowering paintings which explore themes of gender, self-acceptance, and women’s resilience.

In today’s blog, we’re revealing what creative insights Amelia imparted to eager workshop participants, and providing some photos of the masterpieces created by this month’s Kids Club cohort.


Creative Expression   

Amelia kicked off our two-hour workshop with a wonderful exercise for encouraging creative expression. The children were tasked with making their own hardback book for storing all of their original ideas.

This is something that Amelia did as a child, filling her book with every idea that came to her. That way, if she was ever in need of ideas about what to paint or draw or sculpt, she would turn to this book of ideas, and always have something to work on.


The kids proudly decorated and plastered their names all over their books, and started filling the pages with ideas of what they dream of creating.


Teamwork Tapestry

For the second half of the session, Amelia had created a huge banner which covered the entire table.

On the material, the artist had drawn two of her most popular artworks, I Only Want Everything, and How to Fill the Void. This time, the children were tasked with working together to decorate the banner to bring it to life.

It was wonderful to see the children so engaged with the task at hand, and working together to create something that they were all proud of.



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