Mateo Humano features in Islamic Arts Festival

Back in 2022, Enter Gallery welcomed French artist, Mateo Humano to British shores for Ink and Paper – the artist’s first solo show in the UK.

The exhibition introduced Brighton to Mateo’s art, which is characterised by beautiful portraits of women that incorporate the patterns of ornate carpets within each piece.

This week, Mateo celebrated two more prestigious career-firsts – showing his work for the first time in the United Arab Emirates, and opening a solo show of his artworks at a museum.

In today’s blog, we’re providing some photographs from the show, and hearing from Mateo about what his latest impressive achievement means to him…

Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival

Mateo is making his first appearance in the Emirates as part of the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival – an annual event that aims to reflect the vitality and expressive depth of Islamic arts across the world. Mateo’s works can be found adorning the walls of Sharjah Art Museum.

Limited edition art prints by Mateo Humano | Enter Gallery 

If you happen to reside in this part of the world, the show is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience Mateo’s harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary art.


Each of the works that Mateo is exhibiting is created on a Persian rug. Traditionally, carpets are woven by women and placed on the ground. By transforming these items into works of art and transporting them from the floor to the walls of galleries (and now museums!), Mateo honours ancient cultures and celebrates the beauty and strength of women.


Speaking of this opportunity to exhibit in the United Arab Emirates, Mateo comments:

“Exhibiting in a museum is more than showcasing art - it's an invitation to dialogue with history. It's an artist's voice echoing through the corridors of cultural legacy, an opportunity to connect, inspire, and weave narratives that endure. I’m grateful for the chance to contribute to this timeless conversation.”


View artworks by Mateo Humano.