May 4th: Make it Reign at Enter Gallery’s Pop-Up

After we kick off our London Pop-Up with opening night our second week in London brings an exciting mixed artist show... 

Make It Reign will feature royalty-inspired artworks to mark the coronation. Whether you’re a hardcore royalist, or you couldn’t give a monkey’s about the monarchy, Make it Reign is a fun celebration of the things that we revere. 

We’re launching the show with a right royal knees-up on Thursday May 4th  at Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up from 7pm-9pm.  

RSVP here.

To give you a little taste of what’s in store, in today’s blog we’re providing a few sneak peeks from the show…


Hannah Shillito 

For Make It ReignHannah Shillito is releasing her POP box set – a set of six prints showcasing music icons. The box set depicts six legends that the world considers royalty, including Grace Jones, Cher and Prince. 


Shillito depicts her icons against different colourful backgrounds designed to portray a rainbow when displayed together. Speaking of the set, Shillito explains: 

“It represents togetherness, fierce pride and is a celebration of people unapologetically being themselves.” 


Sarah Arnett  

For Make It Reign, Arnett has created an empowering piece based on her childhood hero, Queen Boudicca, who she describes as, “her first example of female resistance.”


Queen Of The Resistance art print by Sarah Arnett | Enter Gallery


“This headdress represents Queen Boudicca – a beautiful strong woman who fought for liberty and justice. She was tall, fierce, commanded loyalty and stood up for her daughters. There’s never been a better time to be inspired by her story.”


The elements that make up the headdress are also significant. In addition to pearls, which are steeped in royal tradition, the headpiece features feathers from the Jay Bird, which signify confidence and intellect, and leaves from the Hornbeam tree, which symbolise strength. Royal virtues, we’re sure you’ll all agree!


Richard Berner

In Falling CrownRichard Berner depicts the type of crown that Charles will be adding to his wardrobe any day now. Using his band of champs, Berner brings the Crown Jewels to life, creating a piece rich in unexpected, and humorous detail.  

Falling Crown limited edition print by Richard Berner | Enter Gallery


Marcelina Amelia

Contemporary artist, Marcelina Amelia is known for beautiful works, exploring female power and sexuality. For Make it Reign, she has created The Purification of Our Lady, Matka Bozia, which means ‘Mother of God’.


The Purification of Our Lady, Matka Bozia by Marcelina Amelia | Enter Gallery


This piece depicts the mother wrapped in a shawl, giving thanks for the bounty that has grown from her hands.


RSVP to join us at the Make It Reign Opening Night, or drop by the London Pop-Up between 11am -7:30pm until May 7th to see the exhibition for yourself.