New Babak Ganjei Exclusive at Enter Gallery

Despite describing himself on Instagram as ‘Wildly disappointing in real life’, it seems that people can’t get enough of contemporary artist, Babak Ganjei.

Alongside making art, comics, music and hosting his radio show on NTS radio, Ganjei is also fresh from the release of a new short film, Freelancer, produced by Blink Industries - the team behind BAFTA-winning cult TV show, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

We’re not sure how he found time, but today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of Never Stop Yourself – a new limited edition silkscreen print, which is available now, exclusively at Enter Gallery.   

In today’s blog, we’re revealing more about Ganjei and this hilarious exclusive, and chatting to the man himself about what the piece means to him…  

Limited edition art prints by Babak Ganjei | Enter Gallery


Meet Babak

Babak Ganjei is a multi-disciplinary artist, known for observational, pop culture-infused comedy. Over the years, his wit has amassed an enormous fanbase, with over 33 thousand people following him on Instagram.

Ganjei’s artistic career has been long and varied. After studying art at Central Saint Martins, Ganjei went on to play in bands, and create comics, resulting in the 2010 release of Hilarious Consequences – his first graphic novel about a man that’s worried he’s going bald, struggling to keep his relationship together, and agreeing to play a gig in a toilet.


At the Movies

Ganjei’s career really took off after Catastrophe star, Rob Delaney, retweeted him, bringing him to the attention of many a Hollywood film exec. Keen to keep their attention, Ganjei started pitching outlandish film concepts, leading to his enormously-popular Film Ideas series. This included such suggested titles and plots as, ‘Film Idea: Not My First Rodeo: A cowboy goes on his second rodeo.’

One day, Ganjei was inspired to turn these tweets into art that he shared online. People lapped them up, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Babak Ganjei



Living an artistic life

As well as being hilarious, it’s the emotional honesty and vulnerability found within Ganjei’s work that allows it to connect with so many people. In both his art, and now his short film, Ganjei doesn’t shy away from speaking about his insecurities – a concept that’s amusingly-explored in this new exclusive print, lamenting the pain of a creative existence.


Speaking about the piece, Ganjei explains:


“Life as an artist can often become quite overwhelming. You are constantly leaving yourself vulnerable to judgement. Often the greatest judgement comes from yourself pitting your own insecurities over other people’s skills, and in those times, the only work you can make is a pep talk to yourself, reminding you that everyone feels the same.” 

Never Stop Yourself is available now, exclusively at Enter Gallery.