New Dan Hillier exclusive

Enter Gallery are delighted to announce an exclusive new release from artist, Dan Hillier. 

'Revelator' is now available to buy exclusively at Enter Gallery here.

The arresting new piece marks Hillier latest high-profile collaboration, and has been created as the cover art for sci-fi gothic horror novel, Revelator, from prolific American author, Daryl Gregory.


In today’s blog, we’re diving into the surreal world of this prominent artist to consider the inspirations behind his work, details of this latest collaboration, and to reveal how you can get your hands on a free copy of the novel.

So without further ado, allow us to take your hand and guide you down the magical, mysterious path to where it all began for Dan Hillier...

Natural inspiration

Hillier is a London-based artist whose work is characterised by portraits of otherworldly beings, be that men, women, animals or plants. Each of the artist’s pieces is inspired by the visuals he has experienced during his personal shamanic journeys with plant medicine, ayahuasca, deep in the Peruvian jungle. Perhaps then, it’s no surprise that each creation is infused with a unique sense of transcendence and evolution.

As well as drawing inspiration from the symmetry of the natural world, Hillier’s pieces are stimulated by an array of religious imagery, Surrealism, Victoriana and anatomical drawings.

To create his artworks, Hillier creates collages from this found imagery, before adding his own intricate ink drawings, and then digitally adding layers to bring the pieces to life.

Stranger than fiction

Revelator is the latest in a line of successful collaborations with creative folk around the world. Hillier’s art first gained international attention after his piece, Pachamama, was used as the album art for British band, Royal Blood’s debut album. This cover went on to win NMEs Best Vinyl Art Award 2014.

Since then, Hillier has created beautiful pieces as part of high-profile collaborations with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, British rock band, Architects, and for the opening credits of 2018 BBC drama, Requiem.

Stranger than fiction

Given the gothic undertones in his work, it’s no surprise that the publishing world has come knocking. Hillier has created Revelator to be used as the cover art for a new gothic horror novel of the same name by American author, Daryl Gregory.

Hillier tells us how the project came to be:

‘I was very busy making my own things at the time and decided not to take it on at first, but then I read the first few pages and knew I wanted to do it. It’s a total banger of a read.’

The novel, full of twists and turns, follows a 1930s family living in the remote Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. As the novel unfolds we discover dark secrets about a family’s secret religion and the daughter who turns her back on their mysterious god. The book is described as, ‘haunting and wholly engrossing’ and as a ‘southern gothic tale for the ages.’


If this sounds right up your street, you can add some art to your book shelves as well as your walls when you purchase this exclusive Dan Hillier piece. The first 10 people to purchase the print will also receive a free copy of the novel.

Revelator is now available to purchase at the gallery and online here