30th Nov - New exclusive from Magnus Gjoen

Widely collected by art lovers around the world, Magnus Gjoen is known for creating sumptuous artworks that explore life and death. Whether he’s creating modern day momento mori or something delicate out of something deadly, Gjoen’s art calls us to question our mortality and what we consider beautiful. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we have a series of exclusive releases from this Magnus Gjoen coming to Enter Gallery. Read on to discover a little more about the artworks, and the artist himself...

 Magnus Gjoen

NEW - 'I saw the sky come down to meet you’

Based on the ceiling, ‘The Apotheosis of Hercules’ by François Lemoyne in the King’s apartments in Versailles, ‘I saw the sky come down to meet you’ brings the gods down to a human height and the viewer face to face with the divine.

Produced in six colour ways, each echoing the gold and glory of heaven and the
splendour of Versailles, the piece depicts the moment that Hercules is elevated to godly status, picked out by a contrasting “halo” in the centre of the piece that acts as a gateway or portal, drawing the viewer into the scene.

Continuing to explore his fascination with Rococo and Baroque ceilings which play with games of perspective (as with his recent carpet collaboration where he inverted ground and sky), Gjoen brings the heavens to our interiors and the skies of Mount Olympus to our walls.

Magnus Gjoen

This new series consists of 6 new limited editions printed with archival pigment inks on 308gsm cotton rag paper. Three feature a varnish finish and three with a 24ct gold leaf finish.

All prints will be exclusively available at Enter Gallery from 9am on Tuesday 30th November. Sign up to our emails here to receive a release reminder on the day. 


Who is Magnus Gjoen?

Magnus Gjoen

Given the effortless stylishness of his art, it’s no surprise to hear that Magnus began his career as a shoe designer for Vivienne Westwood. When the art world called his name, Gjoen brought the elegance of the fashion world with him.

Gjoen’s art incorporates elements of renaissance, baroque, fine art and street art and is rich in juxtaposition – exploring the fine lines between life and death, beauty and destruction and power and fragility. Opulent, macabre and dramatic, Gjoen has a unique style that has attracted the attention of collectors across the world.

This new series will be available exclusively at Enter Gallery from Tuesday 30th November at 9am. Sign up to our emails here to receive your release reminder.

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