New Exclusive: She Will Dance Again by Magnus Gjoen

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of new exclusive piece at Enter Gallery. She Will Dance Again by Magnus Gjoen is all wrapped up and ready for you. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting exclusive from one of our most in-demand artists.


She Will Dance Again, Purple by Magnus Gjoen


Fresh perspective

Those familiar with the work of Magnus Gjoen will know that he specialises in reinventing and reinvigorating old masterpieces. Whether he’s infusing Renaissance artworks with Pop Art motifs, or adorning regal portraits with graphic patterns, his clever use of juxtaposition breathes a fresh perspective into old works of art.


She Will Dance Again, Green by Magnus Gjoen | Enter Gallery


Via his explorations into life and death, delicacy and violence, or in this instance, old and brand new – Gjoen’s work challenges preconceived notions about beauty and what constitutes a work of art. 


She Will Dance Again

The piece is a continuation of the artist’s ‘Wrap Me Up in Plastic and Make Me Shine’ series, which takes old works of art and wraps them in a protective layer of plastic, so they appear new. Gjoen explains:

‘Making something temporary, like packaging, become part of the artwork itself, gives the traditional painting a modern touch. The bubble wrap almost becomes part of her attire, like something from a Paris Haute Couture show.’


Roi Soleil by Magnus Gjoen | Enter Gallery


She Will Dance Again is available exclusively at Enter Gallery. View the piece here or explore our extensive collection of Gjoen’s work.