New originals from CJP

If you’re passing Enter Gallery this week, be sure to pop in to check out our beautiful new wall of original pieces by contemporary fine artist, CJP. Via his refined blend of black and white photography and intricate drawings, CJP creates highly-detailed artworks that explore the hidden narratives of man-made and natural objects, and the tools we use to interact with them.


This is your chance to own an original drawing from the artist behind one of the gallery’s most popular recent artworks, The Unified Theory of Everything. This piece, and each of the new originals, are inspired by the marvel of the human brain, and its ability to process thoughts, details, and data, in order to search for answers to the complexities of life.


The things that define us

Created exclusively for Enter Gallery, all six of CJP's original pieces are ink drawings of carefully-chosen objects. We chatted to the artist, and he kindly revealed a little more about what inspired each piece.

 Luthier's Elixir II CJP Art


Luthier’s Elixir II is a study of ink and varnish bottles once used by Charles Langonet – a renowned luthier (person who makes stringed instruments). CJP explains:


‘Langonet not only won awards for his violins but was also a skilled restorer and worked on some of the most valuable violins ever made. Varnish mixes are much coveted in the violin-making world, with secret recipes kept under lock and key and passed down through generations since the time of early makers.’



Prelude CJP Art

Prelude is a study of the tools used by violin makers. The artist explains: ‘With these pieces I wanted to record every detail - the smudges of paint, the fingerprints, the scratches and scrapes - the life story of implements that without such, there would be no music to hear.’


Carry the Can CJP Art


Carry the Can is CJP’s depiction of a modern-day Atlas. In this interpretation, Atlas is weighed-down with a discarded Diet Coke can, representing, ‘the burden of wasteful twenty-first century consumerism.’ 

 The Thomason Harvest CJP Art

In The Thomason Harvest, the artist immortalises a rare English Thomason corkscrew, dating back over 200 years and featuring a grape harvest pattern. The artist describes the object as: ‘A tool that is elegant, ergonomic, luxurious and beautifully-engineered, simply to allow us to reliably gain access to one of life’s great pleasures – alcohol.’


The Tailor CJP Art


The Tailor depicts a pair of antique English tailor’s shears and an off-cut of fabric decorated with a contemporary skull motif pattern. The piece is designed to represent the complex fabric of life, while also featuring a nod to legendary British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.

 Man Made CJP Art


Man Made is a detailed study of a mechanical hand-tool, aesthetically-engineered for maximum application of force via human strength. The piece is intended to act as a metaphor for ‘the pressure and effect we as a self-described ‘intelligent alpha species’ have on our home. We make, we destroy.’


An eye for detail

Such is the detail in these drawings that at first glimpse, you’ll be forgiven for thinking they are photographs. So, how does CJP approach creating such realistic, detailed images? 

‘My process starts with pencil sketches, then outline drawings, before the intricate process of slowing building up ink using very fine nib pens. Essentially, I strive to show as much detail as possible to help convey the narrative of the piece - to try and make it greater than the sum of its parts so ultimately the viewer, either close-up or far away has different perspectives to ponder.’

 CJP The Unified Theory of Everything

Each drawing is produced on 100% unbleached cotton paper and comes with deckled edges. The artworks are float mounted in black frames, and come signed and numbered by the artist.

Grab your CJP original today.