New Paul Fuentes Exclusive: Jupiter

It’s time for another candy-coloured dose of pure escapism courtesy of Mexican artist, Paul Fuentes.

Jupiter is a new piece, exclusive to Enter Gallery, that showcases Fuentes’ talent for spiriting us away to warmer climes, where life’s problems evaporate and we relax into the joys of life in the sunshine.

In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at this exclusive new piece, and revealing a little more about the method behind each idyllic artwork.

Jupiter limited edition art print by Paul Fuentes | Enter Gallery


Drops of Jupiter

This exclusive piece is named after a beach on Florida’s East Coast that overlooks the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Reading up about Jupiter, it’s little wonder Fuentes chose to immortalise the town in his art, after all, it has been named the Happiest Seaside Town in the USA.

 Cheetahs at the Pool limited edition print by Paul Fuentes | Enter Gallery

While there might not be any of the big cats the artist is known for cruising around, Jupiter is instantly-recognisable as a Fuentes due to the pastel shades, classic cars, and blue skies punctuated with palm trees – all of which, are recurring motifs seen across his oeuvre.

 Tiger Motel limited edition art print by Paul Fuentes | Enter Gallery


Hollywood Glamour

To create his unique style of art, Fuentes colourfully blends elements of Pop Art, Miami Art Deco, and the 60s and 70s Hollywood glamour we see in the works of infamous mid-century photographer, Slim Aarons.

Fuentes’ has revealed that his work is inspired by a surrealist aesthetic, particularly Lautréamont, who was known for finding beauty in seemingly completely different objects.

By combining two completely different realities, i.e. relaxing poolside locations with fearsome roaming predators, Fuentes infuses his work with a sense of the poetic that has proven a huge hit with Enter Gallery patrons.

Brighton My Day limited edition art print by Paul Fuentes | Enter Gallery


To create his surreal compositions, Fuentes uses his own photographs of real locations taken during his travels around the world. Next, he digitally-constructs these images into the finished article.

An example of this approach is seen in Brighton My Day, pictured above, which is inspired by photographs captured in our own fair city of Brighton. 

 Paul Fuentes

Jupiter is a giclée print, available in two sizes – small and large. From a limited edition of 80, each piece is signed and numbered by Fuentes.