Paul Fuentes Exclusive: Cheetahs at the Pool

We’re delighted to bring you a dose of sunshine via Cheetahs at the Pool - a new limited edition print from Mexican photographer, Paul Fuentes, available exclusively at Enter Gallery.

Inspired by the endless summer of mid-century America, Fuentes’ work whisks us away to enviable destinations bathed in golden sunshine. Just what we need when it feels like summer will never come!  

In today’s blog, we’re revealing more about this new piece and hearing from Fuentes to discover what inspires his work.

Cheetahs at the Pool by Paul Fuentes | Enter Gallery

Cheetahs at the Pool

Even Cheetahs need some down time, and what better way to soothe those aching muscles from running of speeds of up to 70mph, than with an afternoon spent relaxing by the water?

In Cheetahs at the Pool, Fuentes’ wildcats relax in the sunshine, contemplating a refreshing dip.

The piece features a number of motifs seen across Fuentes’ oeuvre, including vintage umbrellas, swaying palm trees, and Palm Springs-esque locations, where it always feels the next cocktail is just around the corner. Fuentes explains:

‘I’m fascinated by wild animals, and big cats in particular. I love capturing beautiful animals in beautiful places. I have created this piece to give people a sense of pure escapism – it lets you escape to green oasis and an endless summer.’


Tiger Motel by Paul Fuentes | Enter Gallery

To create his stylish multi-layered images, Fuentes compiles separate elements, bringing them together to create cohesive, effortless works of art. 


The piece is available in two sizes, both are limited editions of 80 and come signed and numbered by the artist.