FREE GIFT - Slim Aarons Style Book with every Framed Slim Aarons Print

Sometimes, after a long day, we can’t help but close our eyes and daydream about stepping into a Slim Aarons photograph: gorgeous destinations bathed in golden sunlight, stylish people everywhere we look, preferably with a cocktail in hand…

We’re not the only ones. No matter the time of year, you can guarantee that visitors to Enter Gallery will always gravitate to the work of Slim Aarons. His photography, capturing the who’s-who of American high society in the 50s, 60s and 70s, transports us back to the decadence of a bygone era – and now you can have a slice of that pure escapism on your coffee table. 

Slim Aarons Style Book

Throughout the month of September, Enter Gallery is giving away a copy of Slim Aarons: Style with every purchase of a framed Slim Aarons artwork. Whether buying online or in store. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the book, and about how you can get your hands on a copy…


Timeless style

Slim Aarons: Style is a beautiful monograph coffee table book written and edited by Getty Images Gallery Curator, Shawn Waldron and Fashion Editor, Kate Betts. The book is a 240-page dive into Slim Aarons’ iconic career, his eye for glamour, and knack for capturing (in his own words): ‘attractive people, in attractive places, doing attractive things.’ 

Slim Aarons Style

Despite Aarons’ claiming, ‘I didn’t do fashion. I did the people in their clothes that became the fashion’ – his photography will forever be associated with the fashion world.

To this day, Aarons’ photography of socialites being ‘unambiguously themselves’ remains a source of inspiration for present-day style icons and designers. Everything from Jay Z’s cannabis brand, MONOGRAM, to designers like Versace and Michael Kors, have been inspired by the photographer.

Slim Aarons Style Book


Flick through the book to enjoy a glimpse behind the curtain at the original influencers. The collection features photography of those that designed the clothes, including Oscar del la Renta at his Connecticut home and Gianni Versace taking some time out on the shores of Lake Como.

It also captures those that wore the fashion so elegantly, from socialites C.Z Guest and Nan Kemper, to Jacqueline de Ribes. Never-before-seen images are paired with detailed captions written by co-authors, Waldron and Betts. 

These portraits work together to create a timeline of Western fashion as it was in the middle of the 20th century – everything from 40s debutantes sporting post-war fashion, to 60s teenagers rocking the paisley print micro-skirts of the day.

As Betts writes in the introduction:

‘Style today is often about exhibitionism, showing off what you have in terms of possessions and wealth. But back in those simpler times, style was still rife with the romance of aspiration.’

Slim Aarons Style Book 

Want to hear more?

Shawn was kind enough to join us for an episode of Enter Gallery’s podcast, Art Related Noise. Listen to him chatting about what it’s like managing the archive of the, ‘20th century’s premier lifestyle photographer.’

To get your hands on a copy of Slim Aarons: Style, simply purchase a framed Slim Aarons print here and your free book will arrive with your order.