Staff Picks: Slim Aarons

In today’s blog, the Enter Gallery team reveal their favourite Slim Aarons pieces and their reasons for loving them…

Poolside Gossip by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery


Joan Collins Relaxes - Jan, Communications Manager

Joan Collins Relaxes by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery
“I was watching the Slim Aarons documentary; The High Life and I saw this picture of Joan Collins pop up. I got our Art Buyer to do some digging and source it for me as I had to have it in my life!”

“I love pink and Joan Collins so obviously I adore everything about this print. From the pink poodle, to Joan's perfectly-manicured toes, it is unashamedly hyper-feminine and it makes a statement in a home. For me that statement was, 'Me and my dog are just fine and fabulous thanks very much'.”  


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Eden-Roc - Della, Gallery Director

Eden-Roc Pool by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I adore Eden-Roc because it whisks me back to one of my favourite holidays in the South of France. My husband and I managed to blag our way into the hotel bar where the photo was taken. It was a perfect day, and the colours of the sky and the water were just like the photograph.

“While enjoying a drink, I realised I was sat beside Iris Apfel – one of my icons, and a true fashionista. She was the interior designer responsible for decorating The White House while Jackie Kennedy was there. Being there, sat beside a style icon, it made me feel like I’d stepped into the photograph – it was a special moment.” 

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Dinner Jazz – Will, Art Advisor

Dinner Jazz by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery


“I like this piece because it’s so different to everything else Slim Aarons has done. I’m also a huge fan of Louis Armstrong’s music. A photo of him eating spaghetti? What’s not to like!”

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Keeping Your Cool I – Lindsay, Creative Director

Keep Your Cool I by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I love a game of backgammon, and playing on a gorgeous marble set while sat in a swimming pool in the sunshine – it’s basically my dream holiday activity! One day, I will own that backgammon set.”

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Dining Alfresco on Capri - Lily, Marketing Assistant

 Dining Al Fresco on Capri by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I love this shot because I’m obsessed with food in art and the emotions that it can convey. Here, you can see them all sharing this amazing food while engrossed in conversation, listening intently to each other."

"The clean plates are stacked high in expectation of more guests and glimpsing the scene through the blossom heightens that feeling of anticipation. On top of all that is the insanely beautiful setting, as if all this food, flowers and people are precariously balanced on a cliff edge. I love islands and being as close to the sea as possible, so this looks like absolute heaven.” 

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Skiing Waiters - Harley, Art Advisor

Skiing Waiters by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I’ve never been skiing but I love this piece! It’s fun and a bit different from a lot of Aarons’ work. The idea of waiters skiing across mountainous terrain especially to deliver food and champagne to people – it’s a world I can’t imagine. For me, it defines the high life!”

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Water Babe - Katherine, Art Advisor

Water Babe by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I love how extravagant Slim Aarons’ work is. He has so many wonderful pieces to choose from, capturing places that everyone would love to visit.”

“I’ve chosen Water Babe because I like how quiet it is in comparison to some of his other photographs. It’s so calm and peaceful. He’s captured his subject enjoying this peaceful moment, and who knows what the rest of her day has been like. I like how the plants frame the piece, and love the reflections in the pool. Everyone should get the chance to sit in a spot like that in a pink swimming costume, with a cocktail in hand.”

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Social Call - Poppy, Art Advisor

Social Call by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I love this piece – the colours, the fashion, it’s the perfect slice of 70s California."


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Digging For Clams – Tim, Art Advisor

Digging For Clams by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“I love Slim Aarons’ black and white photography, and this piece in particular as it reminds me of childhood summers spent at my grandparents. We’d go in search of crabs rather than clams, but the scene feels familiar and brings back very happy memories.” 


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Portofino - Helen, Art Buyer

Portofino by Slim Aarons | Enter

“The reason I love this image is really just down to the position of the architecture and the nature. The buildings look like they are growing out of this amazing forest surrounded by crystal clear waters. It has a mystical, unreal quality that really appeals to me.” 

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Pantz Pool -
Amy, Copywriter

 Pantz Pool by Slim Aarons | Enter Gallery

“What I love about all of Slim Aarons’ photography is that no matter how cold it is outside, looking at it instantly warms your bones. While so many of his pieces do that, I love the symmetry and the colours of Pantz Pool. I could happily spend hours lounging in this exact spot overlooking the ocean, with just a couple of doggies for company.” 

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