The Power of Hope

On the same week that lockdown restrictions are lifted across the UK, we’re delighted to announce that powerful pandemic artistic collaboration, ‘Hope’ is now available at Enter Gallery.

This limited edition, multi-platform project is a collaboration between mixed-media artist, Dan Pearce and Prodigy frontman and artist, Maxim.


Born during lockdown, ‘Hope’ incorporates sculpture, a short film, an EP release and an exhibition. The collaboration is a haunting exploration of the impact of the pandemic on young minds and the homeless. It reminds us of the power of hope in getting us through what has been one of the most difficult years of our generation.

The beating heart of ‘Hope’

At the centre of the project is a thought-provoking sculpture depicting a young boy (based on Pearce’s son) wearing a gas mask and preparing to pull the pin on a grenade. Within the deadly explosive device lies a heart, representing the vaccine and the hope that it symbolises for the country, and the rest of the world.

Pearce explains: ‘We wanted the project to deal with this difficult year, while demonstrating the positive message about the role hope now plays.’

An immersive experience

To communicate the deeper meaning behind the sculpture, Pearce and Maxim also released a short film starring Pearce’s 11-year-old son, Jackson, as a young boy navigating the complexities of the pandemic. The film follows him as he struggles with his mental health as coronavirus wreaks havoc on his home and the nation.

The film’s director, John Smith, commented on Jackson’s inaugural acting performance: ‘He had an innocence and no acting school baggage. He just understood what the part was about – a boy struggling amidst his COVID nightmare.’

Maxim also stars in the film as a homeless man, in a bid to raise awareness of the effects of both the pandemic and austerity on the homeless community. You can watch the moving film here.

The rousing soundtrack to the short film is also entitled ‘Hope’. This exclusive track and three more from Maxim, will be released exclusively to buyers via bespoke memory cards hidden inside the sculptures.

HOPE - Blue

A meeting of minds

Part of a limited edition of only 50, ‘Hope’ offers a unique opportunity for collectors to get their hands on the work of two of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. The collaboration is a perfect showcase of both artists’ unique talents and skills.

Maxim’s surreal work has been making an impression on the art world for more than 18 years now. Those familiar with his oeuvre will recognise the grenade as a symbol he returns to time and again. This sculpture is prime showcase of his flair for floating objects within resin.

Similarly, Dan Pearce is known for his skill with 3D modelling, demonstrated here in the kneeling child. Pearce has been named ‘one of the UK’s most collectible emerging artists’, with his multi-media artworks are coveted by everybody from Anthony Joshua to Boy George.

“In times of uncertainty, I believe the answer to our problems is the four letter word, ‘love’.” – Maxim

In order to raise funds for those most affected by Coronavirus, Pearce and Maxim are donating one sculpture to NHS Charities Together, one to young people’s mental health charity, Young Minds, and one to homeless charity, Shelter. 

Hope is available in three different colourways – blue, black or white.

If you’d like to get your hands on this highly-collectible piece, you can arrange an in-person or virtual viewing with Enter Gallery.