Two new exclusives from Copyright

Pop into Enter Gallery this week to discover two new pieces from Copyright – a popular contemporary artist known for bright and bold works that fuse fine art with the worlds of street art and graffiti.

Copyright is known for an outwardly cheerful aesthetic, but it is the deeper meaning infused into his works that keeps collectors of his work coming back time and again.

Copyright art

By creating artworks designed to sit side-by-side, Copyright explores both sides of the story, creating thoughtful works that reflect the complexity of life, our constantly-changing states of mind, and how we can find and maintain balance in this modern world. 

Designed as individual artworks or to sit alongside one another, Reflected Dark Sky and Reflected Blue Sky are available exclusively at Enter Gallery now.

Today, we’re chatting to Copyright and revealing more about these new works and the themes that both pieces explore.


Reflected in the Shadows

Copyright’s new prints were originally created for Reflected in the Shadows, his solo show that took place back in March 2023 over in Chicago, USA.

The show saw Copyright continue the exploration of introspective themes that  we’ve seen across his oeuvre with pieces like Breakdown and Rebuild, covering matters like anxiety, inner turmoil, and the short-term solutions we rely on to provide levity in dark times.

The show featured a selection of paintings on canvas, onto skateboards and directly onto vintage comic books.

Speaking of Reflected Dark Sky and Reflected Blue Sky he explains: 

"The two artworks depict a sunny day and a stormy sky, a juxtaposition between the internal and the external, inner conflict and the differences between our physical and emotional being.

These paintings were created as a pair but can also be viewed individually. My goal as an artist is to try and put my ideas, feelings, and emotions into a piece of art that reaches out and creates a connection with other people."


Reflected, Blue Sky art print by Copyright | Enter Gallery


Happy Days

In the first of these exclusive pieces, Copyright portrays his stencilled subject against a beautiful blue sky, complete with fluffy white clouds.

With rainbows pouring from her eyes, and a cloud of butterflies fluttering by, the piece emanates a sense of optimism, peace and euphoria.

Butterflies are a regular motif seen in Copyright’s work, used to explore ideas around beauty ideals, and how attractiveness is commodified in popular culture. 

Revealing more about his use of butterflies, Copyright tells us: 

"The brightly coloured butterflies represent hope at the end of the rainbow arising from pain. True transformation can only be achieved by enduring hardship, and overcoming our difficulties makes us powerful."


Reflected, Dark Sky art print by Copyright | Enter Gallery 

Stormy Skies

In the second artwork, the day has taken a turn for the worse, with his subject now depicted against a stormy background, the grey sky awash with rain and lightning bolts.

This stormy sky is Copyright's poetic interpretation of a turbulent mind. Firstly, the rainbows falling from the subject’s eyes are now smeared by the rain, or perhaps by her tears. Nestled between the lighting and clouds, Copyright has featured motifs of pills and love hearts issuing calls for help.    

Although sombre, Reflected, Dark Sky, also features lighter elements like butterflies, smiley faces and hearts, encouraging us to love each other and laugh at the world. These motifs serve as a reminder to the observer that they are loved, and that no matter how dark our skies get, we must always hold out hope for brighter days.  


Reflected Blue Sky and Reflected Dark Sky are available exclusively at Enter Gallery now.

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