18th March - New Typography Show: Sound and Vision

On Friday March 18th, Enter Gallery is bringing you the gift of sound and vision with our first group show of 2022. A celebration of typography, our Sound and Vision show will bring together original artworks and small unique editions from 18 contemporary artists, all of which are based upon a song or lyric that inspires them.

Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind the show’s theme, for some exciting sneak peeks of works from the show, and for details on how you can join us on the night.  

A match made in heaven

Whether it’s Andy Warhol replicating fonts used on consumer products, Roy Lichtenstein’s use of comic book text, or Peter Blake’s Appropriated Alphabets, aesthetically-pleasing typography is an art form of its own, with the capacity to make or break a piece.  

Similarly, Bowie was right – there’s a lot to ponder about sound and vision, and how the marriage of these two senses gives birth to great works art. Swing by our gallery, and you’ll see multiple references to music in the artworks that adorn our walls. Everyone from Bob Dylan to The Beatles have been photographed, painted and had their lyrics immortalised.

The Sound and Vision show pays homage to the beauty and range of typographic art. It also provides our artists with an opportunity to create artworks dedicated to the musicians that have provided the soundtrack to their creative lives, and the choruses that have kept them motivated in pursuit of their artistic dreams.

To wet your whistle, here are three pieces that will be appearing in the show…


Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards is one artist whose art is the very definition of sound and vision. In his distinctive typographic portraits, Edwards layers text in graduating colours to create images of great icons including Kate Bush, Prince, and Patti Smith.

Mike Edwards Make It Magnificent | Enter Gallery


In this gorgeous sunset shot from Mike Edwards’ studio, we see the piece he has created especially for the Sound and Vision show. The artwork combines a lyric from Blondie’s smash hit, Atomic, with the neon seen in his Startled Artist series. Edwards revealed a little more about the intention behind the piece:

'The idea of this artwork is one of hope, optimism and regeneration coming out of a chaotic and difficult time.

The abstract painterly background, suggesting a camouflage pattern, is meant as a metaphor for the disarray of battles, struggles or conflict, either personal or global. The illuminated glow from the painted neon represents light at the end of the tunnel.

The phrase 'make it magnificent' is intended to be an inspiring and uplifting message to transform and rebuild.'

Craig Keenan

Limited edition artworks by Craig Keenan | Enter Gallery

Craig Keenan employs his signature cyanotype print style with hypnotic effect in this artwork, immortalising the lyrics of Beatles track, Within You Without You.

To create these ethereal swathes of cobalt blue, Keenan uses an old-fashioned printing process that involves leaving his prints to dry in the sun. In combining rolling clouds, mighty ocean and this poetic sentiment, Keenan’s piece is a calming reminder to dance with the natural ebbs and flows of life.

Dirty Hans

Limited edition artworks by Dirty Hans | Enter Gallery

Our last sneak peek is this piece by Dirty Hans, depicting the late Keith Flint from The Prodigy. Hans has created a fun piece that plays on both Flint’s name and the title of the band’s first UK Number 1 to immortalise the firestarter, tongue out and wild eyed, on his own brand of matches.

This isn’t Hans’ first foray into artworks inspired by his musical heroes. Pieces like George Michael and Double Oasis are prime examples of his vivid style of high-impact, graphic art.

Other artists also creating pieces for the show include Magnus Gjoen, Jamie Reid, RYCA, Cassandra Yap, Soozy Lipsey, and many more. It’s not one to miss!

View the artworks in the show here