Virtual Art Yard Sale Private View

On Friday, art lovers from all around braved the elements to make it down to Enter Gallery for an exclusive private view of our 2022 Virtual Art Yard Sale. And what an evening it was!

Sara Pope at Enter Gallery's Virtual Art Yard Sale | Enter Gallery

Alongside those hunting their next piece of art, a whole host of our wonderful artists joined us to chat away with guests over a drink or two, including Sara Pope, Maria Rivans and Haus of Lucy.

Poppy Faun at Enter Gallery's 2022 Virtual Art Yard Sale | Enter Gallery

For those new to Enter Gallery, each year we host two Art Yard Sales – one during the heat of summer in Jubilee Square, and a more weather-appropriate Virtual version in Autumn. Both sales are a chance to snap up exclusive artworks from leading contemporary artists at special Art Yard Sale prices.

This year’s Virtual Art Yard Sale featured works from over 30 Enter Gallery artists, many of which were created especially for the sale. Here’s a little rundown of the what happened on the night…


Art Lovers Unite

One thing that our patrons love about the Art Yard Sale is the chance to rub shoulders with the artists whose work adorns their walls. On the night, we were joined by a whole host of our artists, many of whom were also excited to meet each other.

Hannah Shillito & Arron Crascall at Enter Gallery's 2022 Virtual Art Yard Sale


After snapping up a print of Yas Queen for himself, Arron Crascall and Hannah Shillito planned something fun for social media – hold fire for fun content coming to your screens any day now.

Richard Berner at Enter Gallery's 2022 Virtual Art Yard Sale


Richard Berner was at the event, chatting to folk about his piece, Tears of a Clown. Many of the pieces included in the show were timed releases, which means the window for snapping them up is now closed. However, Richard’s piece is one of the few you can still get your hands via a print, or his original drawing.


Gavin Mitchell at Enter Gallery's 2022 Virtual Art Yard Sale


Gavin Mitchell braved the rain to come down from London. His piece, Paint by Numbers is the first in a series of artworks that see a change in direction from his hugely-popular geisha-inspired works. If you like Paint by Numbers, chances are you’ll like, Lots of Things too.


Chrisie Nimenko at Enter Gallery's Virtual Art Yard Sale 2022


Chrisie Nimenko made the trek from the west of England to join us on the night. Her beautifully-framed print was hanging pride of place, with many attendees enamoured with the layers of symbolism contained within the piece, as well as the 22ct gold hand-finish. 

 Eddy Bennett at Enter Gallery's 2022 Virtual Art Yard Sale

Eddy Bennett’s Who Dares Wins was one of the hits of the sale, with its bold colours, gorgeous printing, and inspiring message. 

Our next event is Mark Vessey's House Party, taking place on Friday 14th October at 6-8pm. RSVP here to join us on the night.