ART + BELIEVE Biography

Artistic duo Art+Believe – aka Charlotte and Dan – are known for their colourful transformations of urban space. Inspired by their own far-flung globe-trotting, Art+Believe breathe a little of their exotic adventuring onto the grey drab of concrete and asphalt, through big, geometric murals in bright, bold hues. 

Sensitive to the surrounding landscape, Art+Believe are considerate in their cultural fusions, seamlessly blending their own locale with the ethnic aesthetics that they have picked up on their travels. Organic, optimistic, and driven by a love for global community, these urban interruptions are energised by a powerful principle: art for all. 

Founded over ten years ago, Art+Believe continue to produce intoxicating artwork, in the form of murals, sculptures, and limited edition prints, both in the UK and abroad. Today, Charlotte and Dan live together in Brighton with their son Bodhi.

ART + BELIEVE Artworks

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