Ghost Town: The People of Ghost Town

Ghost Town: The People of Ghost Town

Every town has its colourful characters - let's meet some of those that reside in Ghost Town... 

"In terms of the characters that live in Ghost Town, each and every one has their own story to tell. 

See the Happy Shopper with the Lidl bags? That's Lord Rich. He’s been affected by the rising cost of living, having to lay his staff off, renting most of his manor house out on Airbnb and starting to shop in Lidl. Why had no one told him about Lidl before? For the same price as a couple of jars of piccalilli and foie gras (yes, we DO judge) from his beloved Fortnum & Mason, Lord Rich is able to do his entire weekly shop and pick up some treats from the middle aisle. In fact, he almost did a piddle in the middle of Lidl such was his excitement at the random goods spread out before him. Before he knew it, Lord Rich found himself the owner of a saw, a pair of flippers, a house plant, a mug and a bottle of 'Lidl no 5.5' fragrance that he knew Lady Rich would love. He'll never bother with Fortnum’s again!

See the boy with a scooter? He's already knocked over an elderly lady and two small dogs and despite thinking of himself as a 'roadman', he only ever rides on the pavement.

What about the man with the cone on his head? That's Sir Drinkalot who is drunk as a lord. He’s on his way home from a curry night with the boys and despite working his way through 20 poppadums, 8 naan breads, a king prawn rogan josh, a chicken tikka masala and a lamb bhuna (oh and 25 bottles of Kingfisher) he's still peckish! Thankfully Best Kebabs is on the way back to his place, so he's been able to pop in for a lamb doner with all the trimmings. Shortly before throwing up, he found a very cool new hat which also doubles as a trumpet. Best. Night. Ever.

And who is that boy feeding fried chicken to a swan? That's Bobby. He lives in a shoe with his elderly Mum and 17 siblings. As life can be a little chaotic at times, his favourite thing is to sneak off to the park for some alone time. He goes so often he has made friends with a swan with whom he loves to share his lunch. Bobby doesn't realise that he's slowly killing the poor bird, but sharing is caring, right?"


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