Invader Biography

Invader is an anonymous French street artist who, starting in the 1990’s, began gluing ceramic mosaics across the streets of Paris. His mosaics are inspired by the pixelated 8-bit arcade games of the 70s and 80s, including Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros.

Defining himself as an Unidentified Free Artist (UFA), Invader travels to cities around the world and ‘deploys invasion waves’ which involve him and a small team installing 20 to 50 pieces per city. His work can be found around the world from Hong Kong to the Hollywood sign, and in 2019 he finally lived up to his name, invading space, when one of his works was taken to the International Space Station located 248 miles above Earth.

Invader created his art in response to his belief that museums and galleries aren’t accessible to everyone. By installing his work on the streets of the world, he makes art available to the ordinary man, every day of the week.

Invader Artworks

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