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Jessica Albarn

Jessica Albarn is known for her fine line drawings on paper. She also explores surface using glass, clay, wax and honey. Sometimes incorporating pressed flowers and insects by creating multi-layered pieces.

She has exhibited extensively and created two books. ‘Bee-headed’ and ‘The Boy in the Oak’ a dark faerie tale of which she wrote and illustrated. The story was also made into a short film. Narrated by Jude Law. Directed by Luke Losey.

Jessica’s collaborations include Helmut Lang NYC for their ‘Spiderling ‘ collection. Which took her spiders to Tokyo with a 3 day live drawing event. And more recently collaborating with Nick Powell (Musical Composer and sound designer) for her stop Motion Films ‘Creation’ and ‘Life after Death’ the latter of which was shown at her solo show at the Jealous gallery this year.

Devoted to the Bee she has used her work to raise awareness and pay homage to their plight. She is currently developing a meadow down in Devon to support the Bees and the local wildlife of the area as well as create a space to explore ideas and gather research.

Jessica Albarn

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