For as long as she can remember, Katherine has been fascinated by art and the theory behind it. While her imagination was initially captured by more classical artistic movements, after reading about the Royal Academy’s Sensation exhibition, which featured shocking works from the YBAs of the time, her focus shifted to contemporary art. She tells us: “I’d never done any research into scandal in the art world and it opened my eyes, I loved it.”

After studying for a degree in Art History and Publishing, Katherine decided to hone in on her long-held interest in how women are portrayed in art and popular culture. Her passion led her to complete a Sotheby’s course on Women in Art, followed by a Masters in Art History, where she wrote her thesis on the objectification of women in art.

When it comes to her favourite elements of the job, Katherine reveals: “Working with such amazing art is a real privilege. I remember handling a Harland Miller on my trial shift. Afterwards, I called my Mum completely elated. It’s so exciting to see artworks like that – and that’s an everyday occurrence at Enter Gallery!”

“Seeing people’s reactions to the art is also a highlight. You see this look on someone when they connect with a piece, and you just know in that moment that they are changed forever!”

If you could hang out with artists from any artistic movement, who would you choose and why?

“It would be really cool to be part of the Guerrilla Girls. To just put on a gorilla mask and go out, cause carnage and no one would know who you were! They’re doing great things for women artists, holding protests and erecting billboards with statistics that highlight the disparity between male and female representation in museums and galleries. I love it that loads of really famous female artists have been involved with the Guerrilla Girls over the years, but no one knows who they are.”

What would you steal in a high stakes art heist?

“I’d steal one of Yayoi Kusama’s mirrored rooms. I’d just drive away with it on the back of a lorry or take the roof off and lift it out on a helicopter, that would be really cool. Then I’d just have it as an extension on the side of my house. Sure, it’s ambitious, but that’s what I’m after.”

Why do you think art is important?

“Art is important in so many ways! It’s important for people to see it, and it’s important for people to create it. It also documents time perfectly. I love investigating the art created around particular time periods as it tells you so much about what was happening and how people were experiencing life during that time.”

“Art is a form of expression and everybody should be able to express themselves. I’m constantly amazed by what images can make you feel and understand. Everyone interprets it differently, or feels something different to the next person. That’s one of my favourite parts of the job – chatting to people about what catches their eye and what it makes them think and feel.”

Who do you think is an artist that is one-to-watch?

Poppy Faun is doing incredible things right now. She chooses such fantastic colours and I love how she plans and lays everything out. I love her earlier black and white works too, especially the ones with the spirals. Her work is very stylish, as is she. There’s such a good style to it and it makes me happy to look at it.”

Katherine[hidden] Artworks