Originally from Dublin, Megan made the move to Brighton in 2022, choosing to relocate to our fair city for its ‘calm and artsy vibe.’

After studying sociology and completing a post-grad in art direction and film, Megan made her first foray into the art world as part of the curatorial programme at ISCP Gallery - an art studio and gallery in New York.

Upon returning to Ireland, Megan took on a role at Hen’s Teeth - a gallery, restaurant and event space in Dublin, where she would work alongside artists to design immersive exhibitions around their work.

With a passion for production, styling and art direction, Megan loves nothing more than making things happen. She tells us: “I love a million deadlines and everything being chaotic and intense. It sounds horrible but it gets my juices going.”

When it comes to her favourite part of working at Enter Gallery, Megan reveals: “I like it when people come in claiming not to know anything about art, or when they have no idea about what style of art they like. They’re the most fun people to chat to as they’re not influenced by names, or value. They are simply here to look at art and to discover what they love. That’s just the purest form of it.”

If you could hang out with people from any artistic movement, who would you choose?

“I’d love to hang out in 60s New York with people like Lou Reed, Andy Warhol and Nico. That’s the era I romanticise the most, but that’s probably only because we view it through all these gorgeous film photographs. If they were around nowadays, they’d be putting their lives on Instagram so the mystery would be lost. I’d also love to hop over to Paris to hang out with French New Wave film directors like Jean-Luc Godard, Agnés Varda and Jacques Rivette – the 60s is my time.”

What would you steal in a high stakes art heist?

“I’d go for the Mona Lisa because I’m instantly thinking about the money and selling it on. I don’t want to steal something that I want because then I’d just feel bad having it, and I’d always feel like I was going to be caught.”

If you could emulate the style of one artist, who would it be?

“I love the gothic quality to Dan Hillier’s work. There’s so much going on in each piece. You could stare at them for a really long time and see new things. I’ve been around his work a lot recently and I really love everything it is – there’s such clarity and love and evil and it just has so much to it. I love the style.”

Why do you think art is important?

“Art is important in different ways to different people. It’s so individual. For me it’s all about feeling. I’m an emotional person - I like looking at art and feeling something.”

Who is an artist that you think is one-to-watch?

“I love Joe Webb – he’s a Brighton artist and it’s nice to have local representation in the gallery. His art is super magical and ethereal, and I like that combination with his dark and sparkly colour choices. He’s building a real following of people who love his art, and we’re seeing real increases in the value of his work. His art is also at an accessible price point, so collectors can grow with him.”


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