Remi Rough Biography

For more than a quarter of a century, Remi Rough has been making the memorable images that have made him one of the most influential street artists of our day. His work, which encompasses traditional and abstract graffiti styles, is all about interplay between shape and colour and distilling fragments of the world around us into powerful abstract compositions.

Rough kicked off his career in the eighties, painting the streets and trains of South London. His work has been a key influence on the UK graffiti scene, particularly as part of the abstract graffiti movement of the 1990’s alongside the Ikonoklast Movement Crew.

Remi’s work has been exhibited and painted on buildings from Hoxton to Hong Kong, and in 2018 he applied his talents to the façade of the Megaro Hotel, making it the largest mural in London.

Remi Rough Artworks

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