Richard Heeps Biography

British photographer, Richard Heeps is known for his seductive photography of people, landscapes and interiors, characterised by highly-saturated colours and a soft-spot for Americana. When it comes to his photography, Heeps is a traditionalist – preferring to push the limits of lens-based photography to create his work, rather than rely on digital manipulation.

Speaking of the influence that America has had on his work, Heeps has commented: ‘The speed, lifestyle and technicolour is reflected in my imagery. ‘American’ colour is a major aspect to my work, it drives my equipment and material choices.’

Since the 1980s, Heeps’ photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. In 2007, along with photographer and regular collaborator, Natasha Heidler, they founded Bleach Box Photography Gallery, a photography platform that participates in more than 10 international art fairs annually.

Richard Heeps Artworks

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