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‘Outside the Box’: This is interactive art at its best. Each piece is made up of 169 images of familiar things from films, TV, adverts, animation, music . . . in fact, anything that can be found in modern-day life that are synonymous to the bright colours they are rendered in to create a fantastic guessing game. Why are these pieces called ‘Outside the Box?’ Because each square only reveals part of an image, you have to think about what else is ‘Outside the Box’ to guess the squares’ content. Some are more obvious than others! Do watch out for long-sighted people – the answers are printed in a miniscule font at the base of the image so they may have an unfair advantage! A perfect addition to any home, office or establishment. 

About the artist: Sam Bailey is an award-winning artist who has been working as a Graphic Designer for almost 20 years. She obtained a degree at Central St. Martins, and had worked for many big-name clients and household brands including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile and Royal Mail. She has been awarded a D&AD for Brand Identity and has been the part of many award-winning creative design teams. Her most recent art project 'Outside the Box' is an interactive artwork collection that uses 3 bright, bold colours to create a beautiful and fun guessing game. Sam lives in Brighton with her family. 

The Story Behind ‘Outside the Box’: The idea for the collection came from thinking about how you can never really know anything or see everything until you start to think outside of the box. Originally the piece started out as two layers of Perspex. The images on the top layer were cropped as they currently are, but the bottom layer revealed the full image. You could see the full image by looking to the side of the image through the Perspex grid to the layer beneath. Eventually, the pieces evolved into being completely about the box formation and making people think when they looked at it. Now you have to think ‘Outside the Box’ for all to be revealed.

Sam Bailey

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