Tim’s love of art was sparked by the comics and cartoons he treasured as a child. Having dabbled in a number of creative industries, including working for record labels and DJing, his passion for art brought him to Enter Gallery.

While his artistic tastes are far-reaching, Tim’s got a real soft spot for street art, which was born when D*Face released a series of superheroes that got him hooked on the scene. Since then, Tim has built his own collection, which includes works by the likes of Obey, Banksy, Faile and The London Police.

Tim’s favourite part of the job is getting to meet interesting people and to talk about art all day long. During these chats, he’s always sure to advise people to trust their instincts and go for the artworks they feel a connection to. He tells us:

“Your collection can be anything, for any reason, as long as you love it. It should reflect your life story and personality. I like to have a variety of styles of work, so some will be music-related, some will be abstract design – anything that you see and that you connect with should go in your collection.”

If you could go back in time and hang out with artists from any artistic movement, who would you choose and why?

“I’d go back to 80’s New York and meet the originators of the New York graffiti scene. Sure, it would be great to meet Haring and Basquiat, but I’m talking about the artists that pioneered the movement, the ones that were out there (graffiti) bombing subway trains.”

What would you steal in a high stake art heist?

“I’d do the biggest art heist of all time - raiding the storage units of hedge fund managers who’ve just got priceless art sat doing nothing, all while they make millions off it. I’d steal it and then distribute it to people who would appreciate the art, and who idolise those artworks.”

If you could emulate the style of one artist, who would it be?

“There’s no new ideas so whatever you do in art, you’re emulating someone who has done something before! I’d probably emulate Warhol’s Pop Art style with things that relate to my loves.”

Why do you think art is important?

“I’ve been coining a bit of a catchphrase recently – that when chosen right, art is a visual hug! One of the things I say to anyone coming through the doors of the gallery is that you should only buy art that you really love. You want artworks that you feel a connection with and that immediately bring you a sense of joy.”

Who is an artist that you think is one to watch?

“We’ve got some great artists at Enter Gallery. People like Fanakapan, Charlotte Rose, Poppy Faun and Arron Crascall – they are all on the up-and-up. Outside of the gallery, I’m a big fan of LP Edits – the way he does things online, his thought process, his reference points. I like his whole package.”


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