Welcome to Ghost Town

Welcome to Ghost Town

You have now entered Ghost Town – a fictional town created by Haus of Lucy for her 2023 solo show at Enter Gallery.  

Lucy is here to show us around town, and to explain the thinking behind her show which explores the demise of the high street. 

"The initial idea for Ghost Town came from walking through Croydon’s Whitgift Centre, noticing more than half the shops had closed down, and getting The Specials' 'Ghost Town' stuck in my head on a loop.

A couple of weeks later, I found two twee ceramic shop fronts in a charity shop in Bexhill. I knew instantly that I had to transform them into the shops we see on our high streets today - streets which have now become completely indistinguishable from one town to another.

So, with the help of some clay and ceramic paint, one became a Greggs and the other a Poundland. These became the seed of Ghost Town and from there two shops became three, and three became 30.

In time I had a long road of fast food outlets, betting shops and estate agents. This then got me thinking about the wider community, which in turn led to a collection of figurines who represent the folk living in Ghost Town. The figurines were joined by prints, sculptures of tea, vintage plates, phone boxes and even a plate of biscuits." 

View Haus of Lucy’s Ghost Town collection.


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Welcome to Ghost Town

Welcome to Ghost Town Artworks