Enter Gallery's Terms and Conditions for our New Statesman Collection

New Statesman Discount Code Terms and Conditions

· Your New Statesman code should be entered into the discount code box at the Enter Gallery checkout to be redeemed on your order.

· The use of our New Statesman discount code constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

· Our New Statesman discount code cannot be exchanged for cash and must be redeemed at entergallery.com or processed by one of our staff at our high street gallery only. It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure a code has been correctly applied before an order is placed and refunds cannot be given in lieu of codes that have not been correctly applied.

The New Statesman discount code is issued against eligible orders with a total value over £250, placed before 1st November 2022

· The New Statesman discount code is for one time use only and it is strictly non-transferable.

· All New Statesman discount codes terminate at the end of the validation period on Monday 31st October 2022.

· The New Statesment discount code cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

· For orders shipped within the EU, benefitting from our separate cashback promotion, the total value of an order eligible for cashback, will be after the New Statesman discount code has been applied.

· If an order generating a New Statesman discount code is subsequently cancelled, for whatever reason, the associated New Statesman code will also be cancelled and cannot be used again.

· If goods purchased with our New Statesman discount codes are returned (subject to our standard terms & conditions), any refund due will be less the discount applied by the New Statesman gift code.

· The Enter Gallery New Statesman discount code remains the property of Enter Gallery at all times and we reserve the right to not issue a code or cancel a code or not accept it as payment where it is deemed necessary to do so, such as it being in the possession of someone for whom it was not intended or it has been duplicated or tampered with or any other fraudulent activity.

· Enter Gallery reserves the right to update and change these terms and conditions at any time.