New AME 72 Pieces Hit The Spot

AME 72, the only British street artist residing in Israel, has returned to our London gallery after some months with three brand new artworks. Fully refreshed after his urban art auction success, these latest pieces show that quality is number one on his agenda.

‘That’s All Folks’ is a continuation of a recent theme in street art of debasing the classic cartoon character. Here Bugs Bunny, no stranger to this sort of treatment in art, has graffitied the famous Warner Bros. cartoons end slogan of which the piece is titled. Executed in spray paint and acrylic this piece is a one-off and is one of the best examples of stencilling we’ve seen. It is signed and dated on the reverse and is framed in a simple black frame.

‘Tough Love’ and ‘CND’ are both the latest in AME 72’s bullet series where he constructs internationally recognised symbols like that of the CND logo and the dollar sign out of the used bullet shells from an M16 assault rifle. The bullets are collected and attached with screws inside the custom built wooden box that encases the piece. They are very low editions Tough Love is an edition of 5 and CND an edition of 3. All are signed on the reverse of the piece.

AME 72 has been active in the street art scene since 1985. Over the last 24 years he has created pieces worldwide, but is best known for his use of Lego men in his stencils which has earned him the nickname ‘the Lego guy’. He has created works in various countries around the globe such as the UK, USA, Spain, Thailand, Israel, Egypt, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Australia. He prefers spray paint but has been known to create works from sand, snow, plastic and of course bullets.