Video: Soho gallery highlights, inc. Sara Pope, Banksy & David Spiller limited edition art prints

View our collectable art highlights for July 2013 by taking a walk around the walls of our London gallery. Gallery Manager Sam Rhodes takes you through three fantastic art works including a stylish Sara Pope silkscreen, a very rare and pristine early Banksy print, and a classic Pop Art piece by the talented David Spiller.

Sara Pope, ‘Lips’, Silkscreen: “The thing about this print is it is beautifully created... beautiful glaze over the print, really nice paper, signed of course by the artist, edition of 95. We’ve framed it in a white box but we’ve added this red slip so it’s a proper custom job. Sara, as an artist, used to work in the fashion industry and I think that comes through. These are allegedly Marilyn Monroe’s lips. It’s taken from a painting, from a whole series that she’s done of celebrities lips.”

Banksy, ‘Monkey Queen’, Silkscreen: “A really early print this, it was released in 2003. 2003 was really Banksy’s breakthrough year, when he first started selling editions. An edition of 750, this one’s not signed but that’s very common for early works. A silkscreen print of the queen as a monkey with a great mod image behind, this is in absolutely immaculate condition. Anything like this, we’ve just got the one copy, is very rare. It comes with authenticity as well, like all Banksy’s should.

David Spiller, ‘If Not For You’, Silkscreen: “This really is a pure Pop Art piece and his work, which is taken from very large paintings, is really beautifully produced. A famous artist really, David Spiller has only recently started to move into editions. He studied under a very famous artist Frank Auerbach. He’s a London, British artist just starting to really get the credibility he deserves. A very hangable piece.”