New Exclusive pieces from Elizabeth Waggett

From 17th – 27th November 2022, Enter Gallery is hosting our London Pop-Up at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

As part of the show, we have a whole host of new original and limited edition pieces from some of our most esteemed artists. One such artist is Elizabeth Waggett who we’re delighted to announce is launching her Abeille series – a set of 9 original paintings, alongside a new print, Rich Man’s Shoes.

Elizabeth Waggett Bees

This is particularly wonderful news, as last year, Elizabeth had a life-changing accident: “My legs were paralysed and I was told that I wouldn’t walk again. That was a very difficult time but I just had this profound faith that it wasn’t going to be my story. One year later and I’m walking again. There are still a few limitations and pains, but I’m getting there.”

In today’s blog, we’re chatting to Waggett about how her art has helped her heal, the pieces that she worked on as she recovered, and the significance these artworks took on as she worked…   

 Elizabeth Waggett

Seize the Day

On the morning of our conversation, Elizabeth is preparing to pack up and leave France’s Central Loire Valley where she has spent the last three months with her family, recovering while also realising her dream of living and working there. She tells us:


“The accident last year made me realise life is too short – it can be taken away from you in an instant, so let’s go and do what we want to do! Living in France has always been something I’ve wanted to do, so here we are!”


The Secret Life of Bees

Upon arrival in the Loire Valley, Elizabeth found herself surrounded by a beautiful garden full of bees.

Abeille IV original art print by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery

Historically, bees have always captured people’s attention, and some even deem them sacred. They serve as a reminder of the virtues of hard work and diligence, while being a universal symbol of wisdom, creativity and sociability. As well as promoting good luck, prosperity and wealth, their image is intended as a reminder to look after ourselves and to nurture the growth that we want to see in ourselves.

Given this symbolism, perhaps it’s little surprise that Elizabeth found herself once again drawn to recreating this majestic creature in her art. She explains:


“My first release of bees sold out, and then, when we first went into lockdown, I was convinced that art was over and no one would ever buy it again. I was living in a house with a roof deck during that time and there were a lot of bees buzzing around up there. I found myself painting them and sharing them on Instagram. People seemed to really connect with them and they were sending me images of bees that I would then paint. It spoke volumes about the healing and joyful effect of bees and was a wonderful way of building a connection with my collectors during a time of disconnection.” 

Abeille VIII Original art print by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


“I never thought that I would end up painting bees again, but after my accident, I was once again drawn to painting them. My garden in France was full of them, all gorgeous and buzzing around. At that point, I didn’t want to think about anything or challenge myself, I just wanted to rediscover my love of painting. I could paint them over and over again – for me, painting bees is a form of meditation. I’ve resigned myself to being the bee lady!”   

Life is Precious

One wonderful feature that makes this Abeille series of originals so special are the precious metals that Waggett has chosen as the backdrop for her bees.

“Bees mean something to everyone, and I want these artworks to urge the observer to think about what we place value on. The precious metals I’ve included in these pieces have been chosen to highlight the preciousness of these incredible creatures.”


While 22ct gold won’t change in appearance, Waggett is using both silver and oxidised silver on a number of the pieces, both of which will change in appearance over time. Waggett explains: 

Abeille V Original by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery

“From a material point of view, my drawings and paintings are very controlled. I’ve chosen silver and oxidised silver because they have a fluidity about them – they move, they change depending on the environment they are placed in, and I can’t control it. I love the mix of the rigid drawing style teamed with these precious metals that are alive and which transform in different light and change over the seasons. I love the idea of letting something natural do its thing.”  


Abeille VI Original by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


A mile in someone else’s shoes

In addition to her bees, Waggett will also have another piece available exclusively at Enter Gallery for the duration of our London Pop-Up.

Rich Man's Shoes, Gold Foil by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


Rich Man’s Shoes is a piece that Waggett originally created back when she first moved to the New York, and encountered many folk seemingly consumed by their pursuit of the so-called, American Dream.

Produced with layers and layers of charcoal and gold foil, and initially an enormous size, the artwork is an exceptionally challenging piece to create. So, when Elizabeth was contacted by a collector who, as an entrepreneur, closely associated with the work and its message surrounding the pursuit of success, her initial reaction was to say 'no'.

However, Rich Man's Shoes took on new meaning following her accident. She reveals: 

“Life has little ways of reminding you that you need another lesson. When I lost the ability to walk suddenly life changed dramatically and while my legs were paralysed this piece started to speak to me again. It became both my escape and my motivation to get better.”

“At first, the shoes were just something for me to do that took my attention away from my accident, then they eventually moulded into a metaphor for learning to walk again. The title of the piece also took on new meaning as I worked and as I progressed from the wheelchair to walking with a stick and wearing a brace.” 

“What started out as a difficult piece of work turned into something quite profound. It became symbolic of my journey and taught me to take things at my own pace. It’s a really proud moment for me to release this piece, just a year on from my accident. Because when I was making it, I didn’t know whether or not I was going to get the use of my legs back and now I have.”

Rich Man's Shoes is available in two different sizes and finishes. 


The Fragility of Power

Also available and on display at the London Pop-Up will be The Fragility of Power, Waggett's incredibly-popular and beautifully-made longhorn prints. 

These pieces were inspired by a road trip Waggett went on in 2016. She reveals: 


"Having lived on Manhattan for two years, I was feeling a sense of entrapment. I wanted to see 'real America' so we set out on a road trip, heading south, exploring the different places steeped in history, the people, the food, traditions and accents."

"On the road between Austin and Houston, I fell in love with the longhorns. Their symmetry, power and beauty, all while being very delicate in balance."


The Fragility of Power, Oxidised Silver by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


Speaking of the hand-finishing on these pieces, which are available in oxidised silver and gold and platinum, Waggett states: 


"I get a lot from revisiting each artwork and making them unique. However, stepping away from them for a short period has given my daily practice and new work more focus and attention. I believe all good art is also good craftsmanship. Hours of work go into each hand-embellished edition. Great things take time!'

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