New exclusive release from Charlotte Rose

We’re delighted to announce that an explosive new exclusive from Charlotte Rose has just been lobbed into Enter Gallery.

Charlotte Rose Molotov

In Molotov, Rose continues her clever exploration of how classic brands (in her own words), ‘do their best not to admit they’re killing us softly’. The piece employs traditional Martini branding to highlight the highly volatile and addictive effect of alcohol. 

In today’s blog, we reveal a little more about Rose and the themes she explores in her work, and chat about the intentions behind the piece…


Molotov limited edition art print by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery

is available exclusively at Enter Gallery now. Get yours here.

Beautiful hypocrisy

Molotov originally appeared in Too Much of A Good Thing, Rose’s second solo show, which took place in London back in April 2022, and was sponsored by Enter Gallery.

Molotov original

The show took a closer look at beloved brands such as Marlboro, Kellogg’s and McDonalds, and via juxtaposed cartoon characters and clever wording, set about prescribing truth to old illusions.


Molotov limited edition art print by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery


Rose explains:

"Branding is something that massively inspires my work. The relationship between consumer and corporation fascinates me - the trust forged, the nostalgia and integration into every facet of our lives. Whether it’s candy, fast food, cigarettes or oil; there is an instant association with a particular brand in the minds of the people." 

"I’m interested in how, as time progresses and the population awakens to the hidden dangers of products once portrayed as their friend, the branding and the culture around it begin to fall away."

Belladonna Branding original piece by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Given Rose only picked up a paintbrush for the first time during the pandemic the young artist has made quite the impression on the art world, hosting two smash hit sell-out solo shows in consecutive years.

 Charlotte Rose

Her first solo show, I Quit Last Week, was Rose’s first foray into creating beautiful artworks that lambasted Mad Men-style advertisements from the 1950s, which sold us the lie that deadly products made us more desirable.

Molotov is available now, exclusively at Enter Gallery. Get yours here.