Richard Berner’s Solo Show launches at Enter Gallery

On Friday, we launched Richard Berner’s debut Brighton show You Can Be Anything (*Or Nothing) at Enter Gallery.

Fans of Berner braved the cold to check out his new collection of original and limited edition monochrome artworks - over UnBarred beers designed by the artist of course!



In today’s blog, we’re revealing more about Berner’s show, and providing some photographs of a wonderful evening.

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You Can Be Anything (*Or Nothing)

In his show, Berner considers the ambiguity of art and everything it can mean (or not mean) to the observer. It also dives into the vulnerability of being an artist, and how modern society’s obsession with constant betterment can be the source of all our turmoil.


This new collection of artworks features recreations of classic masterpieces such as Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks and Whistlejacket by George Stubbs, alongside works that put lone champs centre stage and give us a glimpse at what they might be thinking.

Heart of a Champion

If you live in Brighton, chances are you’ve already spotted Berner’s champ takeover of businesses in the North Laines. For the show, this takeover expanded to the walls of the gallery.



Berner framed his gallery wall with freehand sketches of his champs coming to check out the exhibition, with little guys popping out from behind the artworks and literally swinging from the rafters.  



The show also featured Berner’s first series of sculptures, which were positioned as though perusing the exhibition. Looking upon their fellow champs, made into works of art, Berner explains: “They’re looking at everything they could or could not become.”

Take a closer look at the incredible attention-to-detail in Berner’s works - explore the collection here.