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Have a Banksy print you wish to sell? We are currently looking for Banksy artworks for our network of art buyers.

Banksy is an artist we know well. As one of the first galleries to sell Banksy prints when they were first released, we were instrumental at the beginning of his career and have followed his work closely ever since. Consign your Banksy with us and rest assured we will treat it with the respect and admiration that it deserves to find the best buyer possible.  

Banksy Grannies

Obtain the best price for your artwork and avoid the gamble of an auction using the reputation and connections of an established gallery. The team at Enter Gallery have been leaders in the contemporary art world for nearly 30 years and our Brighton gallery on Bond Street is a beacon for art lovers across the UK.

Our unique curation of the best contemporary art on the market draws a high footfall to the gallery and our art expertise and friendly service maintains a loyal following. We will market your art to our contacts alongside effective online promotion to our database and social channels which are rapidly growing for a full service that ensures your Banksy print will be marketed to the right people. 


How it works:

  1. Get your Banksy print certified at Pest Control. This is the only handling service who act on behalf of Banksy. Legitimate pieces will be authenticated by them and only them, this was a process that was introduced after the original release as the prices started to increase. We will not sell signed Banksy prints without full Pest Control. We cannot apply for Pest Control on your behalf, the owner of the artwork must apply. You will need to provide, images of the artwork detail and full image, date of original purchase, original invoice if you have it.
  2. Email us a picture of the print, signature and edition number, certification and original invoice to and we can value the artwork before you have applied or whilst you are in the process of getting the certificate.
  3. One of our dedicated art advisors will then call you to discuss valuation rates and commission charges for your artwork. 
  4. Once you agree to give us exclusivity on the sale of the artwork, your personal art advisor will update you on the progress of your consignment.

Banksy prints are part of our history…

Enter Gallery’s founder, Lawrence Alkin helped Banksy go POP! He has been a key figure in the development of the urban art movement that we know today and has built the gallery to be one of the country’s top urban art spaces. He has helped launch the career of many an artist, including the illusive Banksy…

As part of Brighton Fringe 2004, Lawrence collaborated with Pictures on Walls to take over the 5000 sq ft space of the Argus Lofts in Brighton to put on the POP! show.

Banksy POP show

POP! was one of the first occasions Banksy's work had been exhibited, with limited editions selling for around £100. The poster reveals the profile that Banksy had at the time.

Lawrence eventually went on to sell over 8000 Banksy prints over a three year period;

“We sort of recognised that this was a bit of a phenomenon, something special”.


Banksy in Brighton – The Kissing Coppers at the Prince Albert pub

The Prince Albert Pub on Trafalgar Street is just a few minutes walk away from our Bond Street gallery. Adorned with a giant tribute to musicians of days gone by, (created by the host of our street art tour, REQ) it is also the original location of the iconic Brighton Banksy, ‘Kissing Coppers ‘

Frequently regarded as one of Banksy’s most notable works, Banksy chose Brighton as the location for this stencil due to the city’s rich history with the LGBTQ community and its status as the UK’s gay capital. Kissing Coppers quickly became a cultural staple of the city and its unique population.

Banksy Brighton Kissing Coppers

Despite the free-thinking nature of Brighton, the evocative piece still received considerable damage to repeated vandalism in line with an increase in homophobic hate crimes in the area.

Due to the consistent damage to the original Kissing Coppers, the Prince Albert Pub decided to have the piece removed and transferred to canvas, replacing it with a replica in 2008. Such is the allure of Banksy’s work, even the replica is covered in Perspex to deter street art thieves.


Banksy News

“I get lockdown, but I get up again”

Banksy underground

Banksy strikes again and this time he’s gone underground! His latest installation inside a tube carriage is another example of Banksy’s ability to condense complex political situations into deceptively simple imagery that captures the feelings of a nation. Read more.

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