Tash Bradley from Lick Paint chooses her favourite Enter Gallery artworks

As part of our collaboration with Lick - Tash Bradley, Lick’s resident Colour Psychologist and Director of Interior Design has selected her favourite Enter Gallery pieces.

Tash reveals what drew her to each artwork and offers her suggestions for how to pair paint colours with the art, and where to place them in the home.

Tash Bradley Lick Paint

Disco at the Wellness Retreat  - Bonnie and Clyde

Contemporary British artist Bonnie and Clyde is known for her unique approach to collage, which incorporates self-taken photographs from around the world with panels of paint, pattern and torn paper.

Disco at the Wellness Retreat is a beautiful example of Bonnie & Clyde's otherworldly vistas that are rich in warmth and pure escapism. The piece features a number of motifs that recur in her work, including architecture, palm trees, and water.

Bonnie and Clyde


“What I love about this piece is that there are a lot of green tones. Green is the colour of balance and harmony and helps you connect to nature. The artist has also pulled in bursts of sunshine with rich yellow tones which bring a splash of optimism to the piece, and gives you that ultimate feeling of escapism.” Tash


Paul Fuentes Desert Pool Tiger


Pool Desert Tiger - Paul Fuentes

Pool Desert Tiger hails from Mexican artist, Paul Fuentes’ Travel Photography series, in which he whisks us away to enviable locations, bathed in sunshine. The inspiration behind the series is the notion of the endless summer of mid-century America.

This piece features both the big cats and pastel colours that are a signature of the artist’s work. Once again, he creates a joyful scene, which all of us would love to visit.

Paul Fuentes Palm Spring Tiger


“This piece is so playful and fun. The pale blue of the water is the colour of the mind and is a very mentally soothing tone, making it perfect for a bedroom. It’s complimented with pops of orange, which is the colour of social interaction and is one of the top colour trends that I’m seeing everywhere right now.”  Tash


Poolside Gossip Slim Aarons


Poolside Gossip – Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons is an American photographer known for capturing (in his own words) ‘attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.’ 

Poolside Gossip is one of Aarons' most famous photographs and is a popular choice with Enter Gallery customers. Featuring glamazons lounging poolside in a house designed by Richard Neutra, the shot epitomises the Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern style.

Tash explains what drew her to this iconic shot; 


Poolside Gossip Slim Aarons


“For me, it’s really important that each room in has an element of fun and that is exactly what this picture is giving you. What I love is the accent of yellow which brings a bit of optimism to the space.” Tash


Tash Ruth Mulvie

Domino - Ruth Mulvie

British artist Ruth Mulvie focuses on human pleasure in her art and the magical meeting place between nostalgia and imagination. Inspired by Victoriana, vintage photography and architecture, her works are undeniable rays of sunshine in an often all too gloomy world.


“The colours is this piece are very high saturation, which makes it full of energy, and gives it a real freshness. I would put this in a hallway as it would be the most amazing welcome home. I’d team it with a soft complimentary white, and let the picture be the central pop of colour in your space.” Tash


Looking to create a colour scheme around artworks like these ? Watch Tash matching Lick colours to art here.




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