Tips on choosing art from Tash Bradley of Lick Paint

At Enter Gallery, we understand that it can be a little overwhelming to choose an artwork, because, where do you start when there are so many talented artists and incredible pieces to choose from?

The same goes for decorating. How can you begin to narrow options down to the colour combinations that really work for you, when you’re choosing from literally hundreds of colours and shades?

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As part of our collaboration with Lick, we’re aiming to answer these questions for you. Here, Tash Bradley – Colour Psychologist and Director of Interior Design at Lick, offers her tips on how to choose the art that’s right for you…

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1 – Get out and explore

If you’re at a loss of where to start, Tash’s first piece of advice is to get outside and explore the world. Pay attention and you’ll be surprised how quickly you identify the colours, shapes and textures that appeal to you. Tash explains:

“I always recommend going out in nature and seeing what shapes, colours and textures draw your eye. When you’re set that task - to really look for what makes you feel good - you’ll be surprised at how much you discover. It’s as simple as going out into nature and pulling a leaf or looking at flowers. Make a note of what draws your eye. Put those pebbles in your pocket. Nature has done all the hard work for you!”

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Similarly, Tash advises visiting a gallery or two to see what is out there…


“Going into a gallery and finding artworks that you connect with is a really good starting point. Art also provides you with a quick and easy way to pick out clever colour combinations because the artist has already instinctively come up with a clever colour scheme that works.”

 Bonnie and Clyde

Alternatively, if you already have a piece of art, or can at least point to a couple of examples of artworks that appeal, they can be a really great starting point for coming up with a colour scheme, or decoration ideas for the home. Tash points out:


“When talking to my clients, sometimes they will already have a piece of art that they love. Finding out what it is specifically that they love about an artwork really helps me to do my job – is it the colours, or is it the emotion? Once I know that, I can reflect those emotions the client wants to feel in their colour choices.”

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2 – More than a feeling

Next, Tash advises giving some thought to the specific feeling you want to experience when in the room, or when looking at that piece of art.  


“Take a step back and think about the room that you’re looking to choose a piece of art for. Think about how you want to feel when you’re in that room. Are you looking to create a calming space, or do you want to feel energised, stimulated and focused? Are you a morning person, and love nothing more than a crisp and bright breakfast room? Those answers will help inform your choices of colour, and of art.”

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3 – Trust your Instincts

It’s always interesting to observe what artworks our visitors are drawn to when they step inside the gallery, because every person is different. When you’re acting on instinct, you’ll find yourself pulled towards the colours and artworks that appeal to something inside you, even if the reason why is not immediately clear.

Listening to those instincts is something that Tash encourages all her clients to explore…


“When you’re looking at homes, you know the minute you step in the door (and sometimes even before) whether or not it’s for you. It’s an instinctive thing. It’s the same with choosing a colour or buying a piece of art – when you go into a gallery, you’ll be drawn to a particular piece, you might not know why, but that’s the beauty of it – and I think that’s really powerful. Every piece of art that I’ve bought for the home, I have known I’m going to buy it within seconds of seeing it. I just have an instant reaction and think – ‘I love that’. Listen to those instincts – chances are they are gifting you the answers and guidance you’re seeking.”

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4 - Make choices for you

Tash stresses that when designing your house and picking out your art, the top priority should always be choosing what feels good to you specifically, rather than what you think you should pick.


“Actually going and choosing art that you love is really important. You should make choices that make you feel good, regardless of what others are up to. My husband and I are quite playful characters. We love bright colours, playful, loose-formed pieces. My sister is super abstract, very modern, very clean lines, almost polar opposite to me, and that’s great! How you choose to decorate your home should reflect your personality. The artworks you choose should tell the story of people who live in the home.”

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5 – Have fun with it

Decorating your space and choosing art to complete that homely feeling is a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to do. With that in mind, Tash’s final tip is to relax and have fun with it…


“I love mixing art. I’ve got some loose form pieces, abstract bits, everything is different. I have some rooms with single big statement pieces, and other rooms where I aim to cover every inch of wall space with art. You’re meant to have fun with art! Don’t overthink it.”

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