The Art Yard Sale 2021

Good news for all you art fans - our hugely popular Art Yard sale is returning on October 22nd, giving you a chance to get your hands on exclusive limited prints for 72-hours only!

You can now preview the Art Yard Sale artworks here

The Art Yard Sale is an event that you don’t want to miss - even if we do say so ourselves. So, in today’s blog, we’re outlining all the exciting details and providing a sneak peek of what our featured artists are currently hard at work creating just for you.

Art Yard Sale 2021


What is Enter Gallery’s Art Yard Sale?

Now in its seventh year, the Enter Gallery Art Yard sale is a 72-hour event granting art lovers the chance to get their hands on pieces from some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today.

Pre-Pandemic, the event used to take place in Jubilee Square during Brighton Fringe, and attendees were able to meet the artists manning their individual market stalls. Given the ups and downs of 2020, last year we were forced to take this ordinarily highly-sociable event online.

While we remain optimistic that next year we’ll see a return to our spot in Jubilee Square, this year we're mixing it up - everything is available to buy online, and we're also hosting an array of live events, including a private view and live art demonstrations, both at Enter Gallery on Bond Street. 

What makes the Art Yard Sale so special?

1 - One weekend only:
The Art Yard Sale lasts for just 72-hours. It starts at 9am on Friday 22nd October, and runs until 9am sharp on Monday 25th October. During this time you can buy the artworks involved in the sale online, or in person at the gallery. We recommend booking these dates into your calendar now to ensure you don’t miss out, or you can sign up for a release reminder here.

2 - Exclusive artworks: Our selected artists create limited-edition pieces especially for the Art Yard Sale. This means that the artworks are available exclusively at Enter Gallery and you won’t find them elsewhere.

3 - Specially-priced items: You have just 72-hours to secure specially-discounted prices on the artworks included in the sale. Should the pieces not sell out over the course of the weekend, they will be available to buy online and at the gallery at a later date, but at an increased price.

4 - Timed Releases: All artworks included in the Art Yard Sale are limited edition prints, which means that only a certain number are ever released. For an added something-special, some of the artists have also opted for timed releases. This means that the limited edition is only available to buy for a specific period, and the number of prints sold within the allocated time frame will determine the size of the edition. In practical terms, this means that if 54 of a print are sold over the Art Yard Sale weekend, the limited edition will be of 54.

What else does the Art Yard Sale involve?

The fun doesn’t stop there - we also have a couple of additional treats up our sleeve to keep the weekend interesting…

Art Yard Sale 2021

Private view

On Friday 22nd October from 6-8pm, we will be holding a private view of all the pieces included in the Art Yard Sale at Enter Gallery in Brighton. This is your chance to see the artworks for yourselves, to interact with the artists, and to enjoy a drink or two with fellow art lovers. Get your tickets here.

If you can’t make the private view, you can pop in to the gallery at any time over the weekend to view the pieces for yourself, and to pick your favourites.

Live Art

Over the weekend, a number of our artists are also holding live art sessions at Enter Gallery in Brighton. These live sessions give you the chance to see your favourite artists in creation mode, providing a unique glimpse into what goes in to creating their art. Here’s what we have in store:

Richard Berner

Friday 22nd (2-5pm) – T-Shirt Illustration with Richard Berner

Saturday 23rd (12-2pm) – Painting with Benjamin Thomas-Taylor

Saturday 23rd (2:30-4pm) – Artist signing with Charlie Haydn-Taylor

Sunday 24th (2-4pm) - Badge-making with Boogaloo Stu

What kind of art can you expect?

To whet your whistle, we thought we’d provide a cheeky sneak peek at what some of our featured artists are up to…

Oli Fowler

Screen print extraordinaire and typography master, Oli Fowler has a unique knack for capturing collective sentiment via his joyful screen prints. Check out the below video of what he’s created for the Art Yard Sale.


We asked Fowler about the inspiration behind his piece:


‘This print is all about the celebration of standing out from the crowd and believing in what you do throughout life. A kind of mantra I use for myself when peer pressure beats down hard. Stay different, do things differently, believe what your heart tells you. It’s less about the clique and more about the unique.’


‘With eight layers in total, this screen print is quite the indulgence. It took a week to make and involved lots of colour mixing. For me it was about the challenge of reaching the final hurdle, seeing that black layer go down put a smile on my face. I’m really glad it came together well.’


Dirty Hans

It’s always nice to see where the magic happens. This photo gives a glimpse into the art studio of Dirty Hans – a painter and illustrator best-known for his fantastical digital collages, packed full of visual Easter-eggs for the culturally curious.

If you look closely, you’ll spot the piece he’s creating for the sale…

Dirty Hans


Next, we have a couple of exciting snaps from Handiedan – a Dutch-artist, known for complex digital collages which explore feminine beauty and strength. These snaps reveal some of the finer details of the piece you’ll be able to snap up at the Art Yard Sale.


 Handiedan reveals: 

‘Creating these multi-layered mixed media collages, gives me the opportunity to research and invest in all different layers of life, energy and its complexity. With each piece I create, I always hope for a beautiful interaction with the viewers’ eye and heart.’



Mike Edwards

Last up we have Mike Edwards - best-known for pieces that combine the written word with celebrity portraiture, to create artworks that speak. Edwards is creating a series of small canvases exclusively for the Art Yard Sale, and this snap shows his studio, and the beginnings of a couple of pieces from the series.

Mike Edwards 

The Enter Gallery Art Yard Sale begins at 9am on Friday 22nd October, and runs until 9am on Monday 25th October. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to buy these special limited edition prints. Sign up for your release reminder here.


This year's Art Yard Sale will feature artworks by Marcelina Amelia, Sarah Arnett, Boogaloo Stu, Richard Berner, RYCA, CJP, Copyright, Dirty Hans, Mike Edwards, Poppy Faun, Paul Fuentes, Oli Fowler, Anthony Freeman, Magnus Gjoen, Handiedan, Haus of Lucy, Kid-B, Jayson Lilley, Mateo, Gavin Mitchell, Jana Nicole, Chrisie NimenkoSara Pope, Maria Rivans, Ben Rider, Rebecca Strickson, Tape Deck Art, Charlie Haydn Taylor, Benjamin Thomas Taylor, Joe Webb and Cassandra Yap.