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Mateo Wall Painter

A French artist based in Montreal, Mateo is best known for his intricate street art that combines ancient ornamentation and patterns. His work is inspired by his explorations across the world and his individual pursuit of enlightenment and truth. Mateo delicately ponders the complexities of the human condition in his pieces with references to ancient symbolism. 

Questions concerning mass consumerism and culture erasure are threaded throughout his work, adding spiritual layers to visually stunning pieces. Although inspired by eastern traditionalism, Mateo isn’t afraid to subvert the cultural norm to say exactly what he wants to say. His iconic carpets, historically woven by women, now depict women. Detailed and intense, they are carpets that are hung vertically instead of walked upon. Mateo’s reverence for the foundations of wisdom that our society was built on runs throughout his progressive and powerful work. Thoughtfully provocative and visually exquisite. 

Mateo Wall Painter

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